Whiskey Coy in action

Makes you proud to be a bootneck...:crying: God bless 'em

There must be a PTI on a Unit draft in that lot, either that or the 45 Commando school of dancing AKA the Golden Quaich has improved on it's choreography course.
Thank fcuk we didn't have Youtube IMD, I don't think my heart could stand looking at me dancing in a Y Coy dance troop to 'Let's get physical'.
WTF!!!! A shy Bootneck!:slow: (Read tuned up by his CSM to get it the fcuk down orf YouTube ya Cnut!:-D )

There's an embedded link for a mudrun/Endurance course on there which brought back some 'fond' memories.
No doubt about it :) Should have downloaded it and reposted it while it was still up; the fun police should never win out.
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