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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. I found a list of punishments from 1848, some of the items on the list of offenses.

    For bad cooking=12 strokes of the whip.
    For stealing a major's wig=12 strokes of the whip.
    For skulking=12 strokes of the whip.
    For running into debt on shore=12 strokes of the whip.
    For tearing a sailor's frock=9 strokes of the whip.
    For filthiness=12 strokes of the whip.
    For noise at quarters=6 strokes of the whip.
    For bad language=12 strokes of the whip.
    For dirty and unwashed clothes=12 strokes of the whip.
    For being out of hammock after hours=12 strokes of the whip.
    For throwing overboard the top of a spittoon=6 strokes of the whip.
    For skylarking (running up and down the rigging of a ship)=6 strokes of the whip.
    For being naked on deck=9 strokes of the whip.

    I always Knew sailors were strokers.....
  2. Its as well those puishments no longer apply, the whole fleet would be in sickbay.
  3. What fleet would that be Higgy? With punishments like that people would be employed in a different career. :lol:
  4. Don't show this to Father Famine, whatever you do! Bad cooking - how could anyone be expected to cook well with stale bread, salt beef, choccy biccies with wildlife crawling out of em and a fire and not a Mars bar in sight. I ask you!

    Being out of bed after hours - what if you were ill and needed to get to the heads quickly? Or were cold and needed to snuggle up to your oppo in his pit?

    Naked on deck - poor stokers, no sun bathing allowed in those days then! How were you supposed to wash yourself to avoid a flogging for being dirty if you couldn't be naked on deck?

    Bad language - what sailors using f*****g bad language? Never! Or perhaps it means sailors wot could not tork ore rite proper like? Eh?
  5. To be fair from time to time chefs have needed just a little encouragement. Diesel boats had a leading chef, (big chef) and a chef (little chef). After a short patrol when big chef had be banned from cooking due to an infestation of crabs after an unfortunate experience sharing a Dunbarton Deb with the 2nd Coxswain (it was blank week) big chef was seen holding little chef by his ankles out of a third floor window in an accomodation block at Faslane shouting "I will shake some bloody sense into you". The food that trip had been diabolically cooked, if cooked is the correct word.

  6. Hmmm. Well that puts things into some context. Dangled out of a third floor window? Well I never though I'd regard the cat as a preferable option! :lol:
  7. Thats the kind of stuff that kept me in a bloody job!!!!
  8. You never had to eat baby chefs food, or at least what he served as food.

  9. By reading some of the things you old sailors put on this site , A good few CUTS would do you all good ???? AND Iam just the man to administer these ???
  10. I think by volunteering now you have placed yourself at the back of a lomng queque.


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