Whilst I was sleeping.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. During my little sojourn into the realms of fruitcake creek, I did have the occasional (medicine permitting) glimpse at the goings on in RR.
    One post I remember in particular was someones issues with Betty Swollocks, and how to avoid getting them.
    Washing them is the first idea that sprung to mind directly after chopping them off (I was being silly), but failing that another good tip is to have a willing companion (preferably female) unless gay or desperate, who intermittently can give them a good slobbering on and then lick them clean.
    I have been known in my youth to find this service at the side of the road they being called hitch hikers, but this is not a dependant service as when they prove unwilling then maskers to stop the screaming is counter productive to the point of pickup.
    Stunning them slightly with the nearside wing can be tricky but is possible if the flick is applied at a concise point of contact otherwise it just adds to the growing amount of road kill littering our roads and motorways.
    Failing this buy a packet of baby wipes and try and locate your own nuts.
    Its all a load of bollocks anyway.

    Either way good luck.
  2. Since you escaped from the loony bin, one thing has been troubling me; who would win in a fight between your imaginary friends and Stirling's imaginary friends?

    Just asking like.
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  3. D'you know I can't imagine
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  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I reckon Rummers mates hands down. They've all got hoodies and talk street. Yo get me brer?
  5. And there was me thinking it would be 'While I was sleeping.....' I swamped the pit / cacked myself / woke up next to a growler etc etc!!
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    To be fair, why advertise what is, to most of us here, a nightly thing?
  7. Fair enough!
  8. They would all run away after his trip to the Tyburn.

    BTW Rummers, can you or one of your imaginary friends answer your PM's.
  9. We will all bimble over and do that after tea won't we lads??
    The decision is three of us will but there is two stroppy fuckers holding things up.:glasses7:
  10. I found out whilst I was away that the Devonshire was torpedoed by Wrecker and wits cus the bastards both thought I was still in it.
    I hate them two as I loved that fuckin ship.
  11. I think you imagined it.
  12. What the sinking or the fact that you did it?
    You've always hated me cus I'm black and have a humongous cock.
    Honky bastard.:toothy3:
  13. Corrected that for you, no charge.
  14. You is vunerable honky I can always plead insanity.:-D
  15. Cough .. and we (Lusty) launched the Lynx with the Sea Skua on it ... cough ... not involved really ..was the on watch gollie ... if I had have known you then and thought you were still on board I'd have stopped the evolution .. honest chap ...

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