which would you rather work for?

which one would you like to work for

  • department of justice

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aussiepint said:
Thought this was going to happen 2 yrs ago? Ahh somebody tell me why we having a friggin debate re either?
No debate, just a simple question, as I said think working for the deparment of justice sounds pretty cool when at the end of the day when in reality your just a no personality civil servant


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Get two grown up sailors of opposite sexes, lock 'em in a hotel room with a bottle of champagne and some blue movies, and no condoms!

Seems like a lot of hassel and expence doing it 2BM's way dunit.


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slim said:
Why would any sane person want to make a sea cadet?
I'm sure it shows you in one of the old Blue Peter annuals I've got in the attic..... plenty of sticky back plastic will do it..

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