Which Trades require a high score mark in the RT?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by eddietheboyp, May 3, 2010.

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  1. Out of interest which trades require a high score mark in the RT?

    From feedback after RT I believe I got a very good score so I think I can apply for any branch. Going for MCD (completed everything except PEDA)but as the Jan PEDA is full and there aren't any dates set for another one yet I'm obviously considering all other options. Just wondering what would be a good trade to go in as other than MCD, are there any branches that are in demand (from what I hear most are a long wait, been waiting over 12months already for MCD!) WS is of interest.
  2. Naval Nurse requires a high score.
  3. Chef, bloody hard training!!!
  4. STC requires one of the top marks in the RT
  5. Forgot about that one!!!
  6. When I took my RT test around this time last year the top two trades in terms of RT scored needed were:

    1) CT
    2) AC

    I went AC :D
  7. Air Conditioning? I suppose you dont have to pay the monthly punka louvre charge then (perk of the job)..
  8. Oh yeah STC sounds brill! Does that come with a dictiony so I can check out that gullible really is missing from the big book of words?
  9. It may even tell you that 'ar' is missing from dictiony.
  10. haha, Brilliant didn't realise I'd signed upto an English test too!
  11. do you need a high score in the RT to join as a WE(ET) ?
  12. Higher than for some jobs, lower than for others.
  13. I may be a bit biased :D but wait out for MCD if that is what you want to do. Use the time to train and work on your hairstyle.
  14. Oh yeah, I am holding out for MCD, but I am just looking at other options. I take it 'if' a new government comes in to play next week then they'll probablly hold a Strategic Defence Review which could shake things up a bit? For all I know the Defence Diving School may be told they are having a budget cut and they don't need any more divers, on the other hand it might go the other way? Basically if I get told "YOU CAN NOT JOIN AS MCD", is there another branch of interest, it would be good to be prepared with an answer for that!

    ps I'm working on my hair, cheers

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