Which towns are close to Aldershot?


Hi people, can you tell me which towns are nice and close to Aldershot please? Also, which are good for getting a room in a shared house?
Thanks, Annie x


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Farnham is fairly close as is Guildford. I'm afraid it's all pretty expensive in that neck of the woods.


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Aldershot is a large garrison town, about 4 miles away is Farborough either places should be OK for getting a room in a shared house. a double room would probably be somewhere in the region of £100 to £140 per week plus a share of the bills. be aware that you are moving to a very expensive area with house prices starting at about £200K for a starter home.
Guildford is the home of the University of Surrey and has a large student population, Canal Drifter is the man for you he is local at Mytchett, get him to send a local paper. Also Ash, Ash Vale, Frimley, Camberley. As previously said this is the Surrey/Hampshire border and is not cheap. In fact Aldershot is about the cheapest housing in the area.