Which sword to go for?


Hi all, doesn't really seem like a forum for this so I'll stick it here.

I'm due to be commissioned later this year and I would like my own sword.

My question is which manufacturer to go for. I've had a quote from pooley around the grand mark but then read on an army page they are cheap and naff. Just want people's opinions before I buy one.

Im not asking if I should or shouldn't buy one, I want one lol. Just which one.

Any advice greatly appreciated

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When you choose one, try falling on it....let us know how you get on, other than simply getting the point.....:)
Joking apart, may I respectfully suggest that you might consider that thier are far more important aspects of being a good officer that you may concentrate on, other than simply looking the part. Doubt anyone of any importance will actually give a f**k how pretty/stylish this utterly redundant bit of hardware is.
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Having a sword has F all to do with how you perform as an officer. Although redundant I'm still looking for one, you have to wear one anyway so may aswell own my own one. Couple days nuke pay should cover it. A borrowed one would be just as useless and just as shiny

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Seems a bit cheaper than getting fleeced by some of those mentioned above; that said, you get what you pay for and I can't vouch for the quality.

Don't listen to the nay-sayers, if you want a sword go out & buy one. All I'd offer is that at this stage in your career I'd be loath to splurge too much cash on one - maybe a second-hand one or 'cheap & cheerful' from the site above would do the job.

I've owned a sword for years, and in that time it's probably paid for itself the number of times I've lent it out and been dropped off a fairly good bottle of malt for my generosity........

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There was a company doing ‘joining up kits’ for less than the individual items. Iron, virgin underwear still in its wrapper and sword ( cutlass for Ratings ). I think they advertised in Navy News, perhaps still do.