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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by sainttm, Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im looking to join the Navy as a CIS submariner as a rating. So I appricate you dont get to choose the specific boat (not that I mind) but you can (to my limited understanding) state a preference of type I.e. vanguard/astute ..not sure about trafalgar as its not exactly new. I see the vanguard will be replaced with the successor, so that could be good to be part of a new type of subs. Keeps things intersting.

    My question to the forum is what are the major differences between being on a hunter killer vs vanguard in terms of working, living and duration away etc. Obviously there's a longer period away when serving on vanguard potentially.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Well successor is a long long way off, I believe 2027 is in service date.
    As for time away Astute and Trafalgar class can be away for up to 11 months. A bomber is a lot less than that but when your away you are at sea no port visits unless you are lucky enough to go to the states for something to do with the missiles.
    You have the preference of V,T and A. The big perk of T is its down south but they should be moving to Faslane in the future.
  3. Is there any difference in the role of a CIS in the different types of subs? Whats the quality of life on them like? Im not expecting creature comforts and believe you'd adapt but curious is it differs, I.e. if ones better than the other.
    It bottoms down to making the right choice on the preferences.

    I am sitting my competency interview next week. So got ages before that becomes a requirement but want to show im taking it seriously

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  4. I am new to the submarine service and have only been on a bomber. It depends what you want from your life. How old are you? Married? Kids?
    If your a young lad who wants to see the world try for fleet boats. The chances are if at a later date you want bombers you can probably get them one way or another the same can't be said for going the other way. But CIS isn't a branch which you should tie you to a specific class.
    What do you want from a career in the navy? Why are you joining?
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  5. I'm 33 years young, happily divorced and no kids but one dog who I will need to re-home. I want to be challenged both mentally and physically, I want to get adventure out of life, travel and meet new people. I want to experience more this life has to offer than just staying in a normal dead end, unchallenged, boring day job.

    And that is why I want to join, as to why a CIS its simple; in part its my age and another is its blends itself to my current role as a telephony technician.

    What did you mean by But CIS isn't a branch which you should tie you to a specific class. ?
  6. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    CIS isn't boat specific. A, T, or V boats, you won't be liked on any of them. ;)

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  7. why wouldn't i be liked, surely they don't shoot the messenger ;)
  8. Well if you want to travel, have no ties and don't mind the idea of being away from home for extended periods of time go for either A or T class. Later on in your career chances are you can go for a bomber if you feel you want to be in the UK a bit more.

    Nobody likes anyone from other branches and a lot of people in there own branches as well so don't take it personally. Plus if you can't get the football scores on a saturday it will be your fault and if the familygrams don't come again it will be your fault.
  9. Oh footie and family messages...well I dont much care for football. Family messages I could do, get to read the goss lol (I wouldn't be so crass unless I liked what I read lol)

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  10. Would that be the 'real' football scores or the 'invented' ones?!
  11. If I had to find out about boring ass football results you bet your ass they will be completely made up in the most unlikely results possible
  12. It's all been done many times before. I'm given to understand that the swelling goes down after a few days and the normal consumption of food can be resumed.
  13. You will make friends quick.
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  14. Go back to America :wink:

    Unless you're talking about a donkey :clown:
  15. Not American fella. Just dont follow or care about football

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  16. My point was:

  17. Lol good one

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  18. simple bombers kind of have their routine set, so you know what you are doing for a few years, with not that much sea time.
    in the real navy what you are doing for the next year may be fairly fluid and the next few week sort you of have a good idea. one bod I had thought he was going to join us in a month or so after a bit of summer leave, well our plans changed so did his, I called him at the school and told him to be on the jetty with steaming kit for the following Monday as we were off to destination not known, misses had calls from spare crew cox'n to say do not expect me home any time soon, our home date had changed.

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