Which sport would suit you ?.


War Hero
Pretty accurate for me as I had a few bouts at Raleigh, it gave me squash as third option and like you I am pretty shit at it.


Lantern Swinger
I got Gymnastics. I was good at gymnastics when I was at school, but that was a long time ago. These days I much prefer to go horse riding.

Middle distance swimming, cycling and long distance swimming. Would have been right 30 years ago, wonder if I've still got it?
Rugby sevens......not bad; I've been known to dabble in the game of ruggers.
Athletics (throws)........nope; always a spaz with the spear and discuss and leave cannon balls to the 18th century
Hockey........fail; I wouldn't know which end of the bat to pick up and would have to revert back to deck hockey rules :)


War Hero
Book Reviewer
I got the exact same results as Pontius. I was never quick enough for 7's really, I was not bad at shot put, reasonable at javelin, atrocious at discus! Hockey I was pretty good at.
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