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Which specialisation?


Got my confirmation course to look forward to in new year but my unit WO requires my branch specialisation form request asap.

I keep seeing/hearing that there are loads of branches you could go into. My question specifically would be, which of them are open to AB2 level upon passing out?

I had originally dreamed of the diving branch but im not at all, maths minded so probably wouldn't stand a chance. Been thinking about MW for quite a while though but thought I'd best get some input from you lot.


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It depends entirely on what you're looking for. Mine Warfare is a good choice right now as the branch is facing shortages and offers a very good chance at sea time. The full training matrices are available to you on the Defence Connect CMR Training page (if you've not seen these already I'd be rather worried); all you would require is the completion of BSSC to be trained strength in MW.

If you have a look at the numbers in your unit from each branch (you can often find this on the divisions sheet) you'll likely see loads of WarSea/AWFP; in reality joining an oversubscribed branch like WarSea hurts your chance at promotion beyond LH. The smaller branches like MW, MTO, CIS or Info Ops while maybe not as glamorous will likely offer a smoother career progression.


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This is definitely something to be speaking to your INT instructors about, they'll also be able to point you in the direction of people in the unit in the branches you are considering to find out what each is really like.
You really need to chat to your oppos in unit from each of the various specs. Reason being, you will have personal preferences that will probably lend itself to a particular spec.

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The more experienced chaps above are correct, but also make sure you get round the whole ship, as each specialisation will tell you that theirs is best (based on exp so far).