Which Rum Rationers job would you like/not like?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Been a lot of talk of late over jobs and the big bucks.
    So who do you think makes them/don't make them or is plain full of shit.
    This could be interesting.......or not.

    First of all let me tell you who's job is safe from me.
    Billy no mates, fuck your job you're "open all hours".
    Guzzler, well what can I say, I can find poverty on my own and quite often have.:sad:
    And then of course poor old Stan who's customers openly conspire against him.:happy2:

    If I ever return to work,....and with Cameron/Clegg I may have to, I will be wanting a Wrecker type job.
    Now I will have to think, ah yes Monty seems to fulfill a career in both the Andrew and full time gossip/agony aunt for RR so his would be worth a look over.
    MG can keep his too many sick fucker to hand.
    Back to the think tank.
  2. Back to work ? Nah ! enjoying retirement to much.
    But if I had to then Sumo`s job. Not sure what he does but seems to have enough time on his hands if I see how often he is on here :laughing7:
  3. You have a point Rummers ... far too many sicky bad fcukers .... and seeing as I am attached to the Labs ... far too many jobs worth [email protected] scientists around whos sole intent is to fcuk up my day!

    Don't want Billy's job ... fcuk being watch on stop on

    But Black Rat's ... Hmm Dungeon Master does appeal!
  4. Very remiss there I was,
    Forgot that bastards brown card job.
  5. Bagged it first ... mind I understand it's not so much as an occupation but more of a vocation! Works for me!

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  6. My easy life may come to a halt next April (contract renewal time) so making hay while the sunshines. If I'm still employed, job's a good 'un. If not, back to that job hunting malarkey :)
  7. How far each day do you travel to work? Return?
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I want NZB's job he gets paid for doing fuck all, that's my kind of job.

    Failing that it's got to be SPB's, fucking Jack about all day for no apparent reason, what's not to like?
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  9. I engineer, but have to have a fag break now and then, and as I no longer smoke, this fills a gap.
    Problem this place is Civy through and through and the your on the internet to often Police have had their little drip to my boss, but i think he is happy as long as the work is done, looks like next week will be busy, I have 4 technical papers I am putting together ganging up on me.
    I have just taken on a new role here as In-service support lead/Project engineer, some of the stuff is almost 60 years old, takes lot of internet time tracking components. Been with this company since last December, for those that like dosh I took a 25% pay cut to come here and be able to go home at night, worth every missing penny
  10. Your job is not on my list of wants.
    Fuck logging in and out.
    And the drive would be fuckin horrific.
  11. Rummers, I have a 50 mile round trip, although I car share I'd save about £100 a month, £200 if I didn't car share.
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I want to be Rabc.

    I could then live in Thailand and soak up the culture. [​IMG]
  13. That's not my idea of fun, I hate fuckin driving especially cars. I have no trouble what so ever reversing a wagon and trailer into a match box, but I once had a crowd gather and applaud when I took about thirty attempts and three days to reverse into a parking slot at B&Q.
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  14. Gave that up as a bad job ... used to have a 50 mile round trip coupled with a hour sitting on a Wightlink ferry (more bloody sea time) ... nearly 4 hours travelling time ... got a job 7 miles from home on the same pay grade I was in ... takes 15 mins each way to drive and saved me nearly £400 a month in fuel/fares/road tax & insurance etc!

    On the down side if the S.H.1.T hits the fan I'm more easily accessible!
  15. What's wrong with working in a lighthouse then? Trinity House told me they were making them all automatic. Haven't got round to mine yet. Is that bitch Thatcher still Primeminister?
  16. I wanted to be an inner city shepherd, couldn't get an opening of course as the job centre had a downer on me.
    That's just because my previous employment before the UK was snow clearer.
    Either that or because I had just come from South Australia.
  17. Fcuk me Rummers I have enough snags as it is without you suggesting some of you cnuts are conspiring against me, thinking of going back into therapy - you bastard
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Now back on the piss you twat got 2 duvets on the bed to hide under
  20. The same here, my desk was 100miles from home to far to daily travel so I had to pick up travel and digs, unless away from office on business. Found a job 8 miles from home but could not match the pay?

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