Which Royal Navy Reserve General Entry Role?


Hi all, I am interested in joining the Royal Navy Reserve as a Rating. From research, there are 8 General Entry roles to specialise in, I was wondering which is most likely to result in training on board active Navy ships? I am a massive fan of the Navy, and actually serving (if temporarily) on an active ship is a big attraction to me.



According to what I was told at the open day, you don’t choose your branch until you complete initial training so you potentially have a couple of years to research it after joining. I was told that Logistics and CIS are the general entry branches that have the best opportunities for deployment, although the majority of these are shore postings. Unsurprisingly, the best chance to go to sea on a warship would be as a Seaman. Mine Warfare also go to sea a bit, but mostly in UK/ Northern Europe on small ships and I was told you need a few years experience before joining that branch.
If you want to spend time at sea then:
Mine Warfare - they now allow direct entry at Phase 2, so this has to be one to look at.
WarSea - currently re-rolling to provide Seamanship Ratings for OPVs, by the time you come out of Phase 2 they should be mobilising and training regularly on steely grey bringers of death and destruction of enemies of Her Majesty's Realm - you will be employed on Force Protection (Guns) and Seamanship.