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Which pieces of kit do i need onboard?

Don't forget to take a powerful Maglite torch to use when you are detailed to recharge the emergency signs if the lights go out. These need recharging every six hours and it will be one of your first duties on board - you'll also get to learn your way round the ship very rapidly this way. Have fun!
Don`t forget a pack of soft bog rolls and lots of foo foo,

And if your going foreign take your own knife and fork in case you catch the boat up.

Most important take your mobile and get the jos`s number, call him anytime even if it`s just for a friendly chat.

Hope this helps.

andym said:
Holy Cow Batman!We forgot the most IMPORTANT bit of kit.

Dont forget your Teddybear!LOL

Here's the type of teddy most older matelots have...


Then here's Andy's old ted...


The PO Stoker's teddy... the ideal J/Stoker's bear also...


Your dad had one a bit like this, but tossed it into the oggin when he joined his first "wet" ship...


This is FlagWagger's ted...


And this is Hig's teddy when he was in Aden (nicknamed "Flasher" by his messmates, I understand)...


And last but not least, here's JD's teddy bears, artistically edited to make them Padre Safe (one lovely and furry the other sadly not)...

andym said:
Nooooo theres 2 i cant see! All i get is a small red X

Bugger, so there is. I will try to retrieve them tonight and transfer the piccies to imagecave. They are some of the best piccies! Especially Higs' rather rude Ted called Flasher! :lol:

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