Which is true?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. I recently had to do some management shite leadership course thing.

    At the beginning of the course we had to say three things about ourselves only one of which was true. The other participants then had to guess which one was not a lie. The course was shite but the game was quite fun.

    Here are mine:

    A) My aunt once pissed on Pavarotti's lap.
    B) I ran the London Marathon in drag.
    C) I am Jewish.
  2. If you'd said you pissed on Pavarotti's lap I'd have believed it but not so sure about your aunt.
    A feck it I'll go with that anway...your aunt once pissed on Pavarotti's lap.
  3. Your a Red Sea Pedestrian!!
  4. i can get £2.50 in 5 pence pieces in my foreskin
    didnt do any rectification work at all for last 6 months on 801 before disbanding - penned the lot
    have used wifes vibrator on my balls whilst wanking
  5. Correct. She was only a toddler at the time and was sat on his lap.
  6. I'm gonna say they are all true.
  7. nope

    2.50 is correct
    801 is incorrect - it was the last year - how nothing crashed buggered i know
    wifey play toy was incorrect until 2 minutes ago - god that felt good
  8. I believe the answer is A

    Here are mine

    A) I am a distant relative to Ben Elton
    B) I travelled from Barrow to Amsterdam via ferry from Newcastle in drag.
    C) I only have 1 bollock
  9. Since you are a stoker, I find B highly believable.
  10. Three more from me:

    A) My Father accidentally shot me with an air rifle when I was 14.
    B) My Brother-in-law is an Earl.
    C) I have never been to Liverpool.
  11. I think that one was too easy

  12. A is a bit to obvious for my liking so i am gonna go C
  13. Given that you're a bit posh, B seems distinctly possible ......
  14. Moi?


    I'm as common as dog shit.

    But yes you are corrrect. :lol:
  15. 1. I once put a friends flacid member in my mouth for a laugh
    2. I played football with former Arsenal and Pompey player David Hillier (most famous for pilfering luggage at Heathrow than football ability)
    3. I once skiffed a butter knife of the opposition after a game of Rugby and watched them ALL use it.
  16. 1?

    As I'm guessing there is more chance of my arse hole sealing up than you backing England in the world cup?
  17. Wits: 1 the other two are not possible.

    BFC: 1 who hasn't?
  18. Actually its all 3 on account of me being a bellend and not reading the original post properly...
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    What do you think this is the confessional????????????? :roll:
  20. 1) I have small birthmark on my bell end.
    2) I was in New York on September 11th 2001.
    3) My grandfather left me a Rolex Submariner in his will.

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