Which Is The Best Port You Have Ever Tasted?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by soleil, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. I'm planning to buy some and would be interested to know which ones are really good.

  2. Work gave me a bottle of vintage Grahams Port as a wedding gift, only had a glass with my missus but a lovely smooth drink.
    I think it retails at about £65 but well worth the money Sol

  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The Good Mrs Blobbs has banned me from Port, the week before we got married I was round her folks house and had a bottle. Hey Presto....Naked Blobbs running around the house giving her mum grief and hiding in the garden because the germans are chasing me.

    20 odd years later and I'm still banned, some people have no sense of humour.

    NZB tells me a Tawny is good.
  4. On the vintage front there are a number of house styles. For the sweeter palate you may prefer Graham's Port, particularly Graham's Malvedos (a particular favourite of mine). For a more refined Port have a look at Taylor's. You will have to Google for the good vintages, as I don't know what your budget is.

    For the Non-Vintage stuff just experiment. As WB mentions Tawny can be very pleasant, if a little 'nutty' for some people's taste. If you enjoy a good sherry you may like this.

    The best compromise is LBV port (Late Bottled Vintage). This is a Port which started off life intended for a Vintage, but due to lack of demand, or not 'declaring' a vintage was left in the barrel for longer than usual. This would be my recommendation for you Sol.
  5. You can never go too far wrong with a vintage warre or sandeman. You can get a good one for 80 - 120 quid.
  6. Agreed on the Madeira front- a magical drink; initially it was transformed in to Madeira by baking on the open decks of trade vessels to the UK. They added brandy to stabilise the drink then the barrels were 'toasted' in the baking sun. They only realised it had changed the wine when the unsold wine barrels made the return trip back to the island!

    SJRM- which one do you prefer? I've not had them all but like the Sercial
  7. Is there any alcoholic beverage you lot don't get issued?! :D :D
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    You may like to know that Graham's was started entirely by accident after the original Graham had to accept a cargo of port as settlement for a bad debt.

    The old Indiamen always used to stock up at Madeira (interesting place for a holiday btw). The sea trip round the Cape to India produced a very saleable product at the other end.
  9. Any port in a storm Soli, Give Galway Pipe a go---good drop!
  10. The best Ive come across although not stricktly Port was in Australia and if I hadnt been at the start of a months tour of the place I would have got a case. The stuff I had may no longer be available The "cellar" port seems to be the stuff but it was in 85.
  11. I wholeheartedly agree with both MLP's suggestions, Warres and Sandeman are top. I recently had a bottle of Croft 1977, which was sublime. Tomorrow I intend to drink a bottle of Berry's own Wellington Tawny, which I haven't tried before. I'm not usually a Tawny drinker but it's by Royal appointment to her maj so I suppose it must be OK.

    For everyday use, Hutcheson's HAC Special Reserve* is probably the best port you can get for under £30.

    *Yep we even have our own port.
  12. Yes, but I bet CTCRM weren't stopped from buying their own French Vineyard recently. Apparently it would have upset the signals regiments who were being slashed to save money. :D

    Good lads!
  13. That stuff is usually just re-labelled tat. Our's is actually unique to us.
  14. Try to get a bottle of Henrys reserve. from Geyser park winery. I found it very nice.
  15. Think i mentioned it before but;I bought a bottle of red wine in Aldi/Morrisons.
    Opened it up for Sunday scran and before I could start the dinner the wife had drained a glass.
    Now she doesn't like red wine so i poured her another before I had mine and that pretty well went as quick.
    Tasted mine and is was the finest port I've ever had.
    What fiddle was going on in the EU to transport fine port in red wine bottles I have no idea but I had to put the wife to bed in the afternoon.
    Someone is making a packet somewhere, just don't know how!
  16. You sure it wasn't a fortified red? Like Champagne you can't call fortified red wine port unless it's from a certain area.

    Maybe you had a nice bottle of fortified shiraz and just didn't notice the word fortified?

    Something like this perhaps?

  17. With the tablets I use, I could get you smashed on Sprite.
  18. No,it wasn't fortified.I've drank enough port to know it was the real deal,went back next day to see if there was any any more but the bottles I looked at were Red wine,the bottle I bought was consistency of Port and bloody good it was.
    Still think it's a EU fiddle in there somewhere evading some kind of tax duty
  19. Devonport

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