Which fictional characters do you identify with?

:naka:In my fantasy life I'm a mixture of Rocky Bellboa,Private Robert E Lee Prewett from "Here to Eternity" Terry Macann from" Minder", and Rooster Cougburn from " True Grit" In reality it's more like ;- Homer Simpson, Rabb C Nesbitt and Charlie Brown.:tweety: Who are your fictional heros? I also work out to the Rocky soundtrack:strong: I do need to get outa bit more.:-|
From literature: Sherlock Holmes.
From film: Harry Callaghan in “Dirty Harry”.
From TV: Lee Mack’s character in “Not Going Out”

In reality I’m more like a cross between Basil Fawlty and Victor Meldrew in “One Foot in the Grave”

However, in the school production of Twelfth Night, I was cast as Sir Andrew Aguecheek!! Nuff said.:-|
On Ark Royal there used to be a Pighoglik that lived in the STP. Two stokers used to take it food down and these two matelots were called Moffat Bratwurst and Charlie Grigglespin.
At my time of life I feel that a closeness exists between the 4 of us.
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