Which Do You Prefer Ladies ???

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ukdaytona, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Firm Six Pack

  2. Firm Peachy Butt

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  3. Man Boobs & Bear Gutt

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  1. There is the question for the men of whether we prefer bums or boobs well here is one for the ladies.....

    Do you prefer bums or boobs ???? :hump:
  2. had 1 and 2 once now going for number 3 asap
  3. well to be fair.... i like a hairy chest..mmm somthing to get my nails in..
    but havin said that a nice hairless chest with pert dark nipsmmmmmmmm
    not a six pack tho like a man to look an feel like a man none of this false look at me i have muclse's crap...
    deffo no bear gutt... dont mind big but not huge.. ( yes i know im a big girl but dosent mean i like big men)
    Hands ... thighs.. nice bum.. eyes....
    and a deffinant loppsided smile............
    hey not much to ask for realy.....but im sure hes out there somwhere..probably in hiding.... :afro: :hug: :hump: :twisted:
  4. Got to be the firm arse!

    Nothing like slapping your fella's arse, whilst your legs are spread and he's pounding away :whew:
  5. Pounding away at what ??filling that crack with filla ???
  6. Sister Josie!! You go girl :)

    Broad shoulders, rugby thighs, kind eyes, nice lips, big, wandering hands!
    Right RR's, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to find him for me!
  7. I got rugby thighs
    so all we need now is the rest and a bloody good surgeon
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  9. Josie, I can help you out with a hairy chest. Smile isn't lopsided unless I'm pissed or someone has just smacked me on the mouth :blob7:
  10. Quick, get the mop before the room floods!
  11. I have a ruby ball. :crazy:
  12. Farkin hell Jen - I just sprayed my PC with coffee!!! Lovin your work though - I salute you!! :salut:

    Well Im opting for shedding no 3 and working hard on 1 & 2. Aussie youve seen the edivi......evidin.....proof!! Confirm or deny?!?! :bootyshake: :thumright:

  13. OK so who voted man boobs and bear gut ???
  14. AAC probably!
  15. Yes, OK Spen, I confess, I have seen the evidence...and well, I can't deny it...I'm quite impressed really...

  16. Thin, not stick thin.
    Muscles but does not resemble Hulk Hogan in any way.
    Strong arms and broad shoulders.
    Flat stomach.
    Nice little bum.
    Not hairy like an ape but no waxing addicts either.

    Not fussy am i...
  17. You really brighten up my day! :w00t: :thumright:
  18. Peachy butt for me! :tongue3:
  19. I do like me a nice chest :D Preferably a little bit of a hairy one with rippling muscles, and attached to a very attractive bum :colors: :thumright:
  20. I thank you Ms Pinta!! .......but I really wish you hadnt posted that picture of me - my cover is blown!!

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