Which CO has been your biggest cunt?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Had a good time, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Mine is my current one. What a fucking snob, spineless, useless cunt!
  2. Bad day at the office?
  3. I'm name and shame - get it off your chest...
  4. Ha, no just really hate him.
  5. Dont beat about the bush, tell us what you really think.
  6. Give a me a few days and I will. Though that could put me in the frame for his bloody and violent murder witnessed by his whole family prior to burning them all in his fucking snob house!
  7. Did he fuck your mrs?
  8. Wish he had (in a strange way) as it would prove there is something about him apart from his rank slide. Which are massive by the way as he needs them to be to fucking hide behind them.
  9. He seems to have fucked him
  10. Never actually 'hated' a CO to be honest - have had favourites and some I have been indifferent about, but no real baddies.

    Direct 'line management' from Killick to Lt Cdr maybe, but never the old man.
  11. Don't be daft, Blackrat's not his boss...
  12. Ha never juggled piss pots in my life. One branch that we could do without in my opinion
  15. Fair one

  16. No sorry like to dhoby too much
  17. Had a good time?

    Thanks. We haven't.

  18. Lt Cdr CO Air wing

    Mod edit because I'm in a responsible mood.
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  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmmm. This thread needs livening up.

    I had one, lets call him Throbber. Everyone hated Major Throbber. Not just because he was a gwar with a shite tash, but because he was an evil cunt.

    One freezing exercise on the Sennelager training area, it was decided we would have a laugh with him. As he slept soundly in his tent (yes, tent) a few of us went to work. We sewed up the bottoms of his combat trousers and the sleeves of his smock. Thanks to a helpful REME spanner wanker, we also filled his boots with swarfega. Not content with that, i managed (using an equally unpopular oppos racing spoon) to put some shit into his ammo pouch. Imagine the scene the next morning when we were listening to the swine get dressed. To say he was angry was an understatement.

    However, the crowning glory was when he had us lined up for a major bollocking. How proud he stood before us in full combat order, face as red as his imbecile hair, as he went fucking ballistic stating how he would crucify the culprits when he found them. He then took off his helmet and as he did, was met with laughter. Someone had boot polished the leather padding and he had a lovely black smear on his forehead looking like a failed black and white minstrel.

    If for some obscure reason he is reading this, Major, i pissed in your coffee. Thrice.

    For more advice on how to get your own back, see here - http://www.navy-net.co.uk/diamond-lils/51887-revenge-seniors.html
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  20. I pissed in a German squaddie's boots in FYRO Macedonia.

    He wasn't my CO mind you, it was just for the 1970 World Cup quarter finals.

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