Which Carrier?


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Eagle Oberon at Sydney Oz.jpg

Photo taken late 1960's, Sydney, Boat is the Oberon, Carrier said to be Eagle but I remember the Victorious being out there at the time.

Any big ship mens views.

If its the Vic and 1966 that could be a young janner on the Oberons Bridge.
Yes it's the Vic was on that commish she never had the flying bedstead above the dish..... Which the Eagle had think they were 965.?????
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That is definitely Victorious. As OLA suggests the island shape is distinctive. Three carriers got the Type 984 - Eagle, Vic & Hermes. Hermes had an angular isalnd front similar to but lower than Eagle.
Captain of the Vic was Captain I.L McIntosh DSO DSC MBE, himself an Aussie... SCEPTRE fame, Later SIR IAN
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You never looked at the bow and way that the Vic had that beautiful swept back shape, as opposed the blunter bows of the Eagle or Hermes.

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