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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. I've seen this posted around the place 100th of times but couldn't find my answer.

    I've finished all my interview stuff and have got a joining date for July 1st next year.
    At the moment i am down as going in for warfare specialist.
    My Reasons for WS was so i could go into AWW and do gunnery more then being stuck looking at a screen.
    But im also interested in power boating, i already have my RYA 2 , i enjoy that a lot, at my final interview the PO there said why didn't i go for Sea spec and i said i was also into heavy weapons and interested in the AWW. im more into the practical hands on side things to.

    So my Questions are:
    As a WS how long will be spent looking a screens and how much of it will be gunnery?
    What else is there in the WS branch? ( job/role wise, i know cleaning is top of the list)
    As a WS how long does it take to go into AWW? (is it a push yourself thing?)

    As Sea spec how much time will be spent driving ribs ect?
    will the Sea spec be the ones driving the green and blue teams on boarding exercises?
    Do sea spec have a lot of time with weapons? just as much as WS? but not as much as AWW?
    What other jobs apart from steering and replenishing and clean the ship do they do?

    and could someone give me a overall job prospectus of both branches. i know the RN website does this, but its in very little detail.

    Sorry about the list, just got a lot of questions that came to me after the interview
    and sorry if there are any mistakes!
  2. AB(WS) - Gunnery varies from ship to ship on manning requirements and courses individuals have done.

    Preference to go AWW can be given once you have done your first taskbook. Then it depends on the individual how long it takes to some extent. Around 3-4 years easily. That's taking into account completing taskbooks, getting the write ups, getting selected, going on killicks course and leadership.

    Time in the ops room - dependant on ship requirements. Even as an AWW you will still spend time in front of a screen in an ops room.

    Sea Spec - yes you will at some point be trained to be a boat coxswain. In some cases so do WS's again ship dependant.

    Same goes for specs and Gunnery that's down to ship's requirements but no where near as much as a WS.
  3. whats the likely hood of being asked as a WS to be trained as a boat coxswain? im guessing very silm.
    Will a WS get any time on ribs ect ? apart from boarding party duties.
  4. Like I said it's ship dependant but less likely unless you end up on a River Class doing Fish.
  5. arrr right thanks.

    Im guessing your a AWW by your knowledge?
    can you pm me pros and cons and how much of everything you do ? just wanna get as much info as i can.
  6. I'm not an AWW I am an AWT though so have a lot of knowledge on the Warfare department

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