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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 77Matthews, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Two days ago I sat the RT entry test and scored highly. Initially I chose Mine Warfare Specialist as my prefered choice but my score was double the mark required. The guys at the office basically told me that any branch would be open to me specifically Engineering or Comms Tech.

    I simply can't find a great deal of info on the role of A Mine Warfare Specialist and I'm worried I might regret my choice.

    So would anyone be so kind as to a) offer advise on which Branch & b)maybe volunteer some info regarding the MWS as there ain't much posted here.

    I'm near 30yr and am undergoing a change of direction and am looking for excitement. I'm not so concerned about options after service as I'd happilly return to what I do now.

    Many thanks in anticipation

  2. Hi Matthew.

    I'm probably the last person you want advice from as I've not even gotten as far as filling out an application yet (Due to needing my Army Discharge Papers), but if you're happy to return to what you're doing now and you just want a life changing experience then I would go in for whatever you want to do.

    Try as hard as you can to get more info on Mine Warfare Specialists. There'll probably be zounds of current and ex-Mine Warfare Specialists coming along to give you far better advice than I can dish out.

    I'm just advising in general that you should do what you think will make you happier!

    Oh, and because you're the most recent on these boards to be going through the application process, could you kindly tell me how long after you filled an application at AFCO it was until your fitness test on the old treadmill please? :grin:
  3. Members of the Mine Warfare branch are often know as a "Muppet" - Some believe this to be an mnemonic for Most Useless Person Pusser Ever Trained. They're not exactly renowned for being the brightest sparks!

    One thing to consider, as a MW you are restricted to serving on the Minewarfare fleet and therefore the opportunities for big overseas deployments are limited. They do exist however, but not as often as you would on a big ship

    You need to look at what you want from the service - are you after a career or just something different for a few years?
  4. Try looking at www.mcdoa.org.uk. It's a website for the RN Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officers' Assn but contains a lot of current and historical information about the Mine Warfare branch and where MCMVs (mine countermeasures vessels) go. You could be serving in a minehunter anywhere between the Arctic circle and the Gulf and there has been the occasional deployment to the US and Canadian eastern seaboard too.

    They don't do much minesweeping these days but there's plenty of high-tec equipment to master including computers, minehunting sonar, combat management systems, ROVs (remote-operated vehicles) and explosives. You also learn quite a bit about ships' magnetic and acoustic hygiene, hydrography, oceanography and EOD (explosive ordnance disposal).

    One thing about the small ships is that you perform a greater variety of jobs and have more responsibility at an earlier stage than you would otherwise. It is also less formal and you have more fun. You also visit a lot of places the bigger ships can't get into (and spoil).
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The RN website does pdf. files for all branches available for direct entry. Here's the MW one:

    Mine Warfare Specialist

    The Ratings' Package
  7. Given the choice i'd go Comms Tech,just like Tiffs they have automatic advancement up to Petty Oficer,with good career oppurtunities.I went for CT when i was in,passed all the exams,aptitude,interviews etc,only to blow it at the last minute by losing my GCB for being naughty ashore :wink: ..Then again if you have engineering aptitude(i dont)then maybe thats the way ahead for you,but i'd avoid MW if i was you.Nothing against the Muppets on here,but CT or engineer will be more hands on and more importantly can be transferred to civvy street.I had the chance to re-apply for CT when i got my badge back but never bothered and stayed in branch(EW).Hope it all works out for you whatever path you choose and you have a good career and some great jollies.

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