Which Boat?

In 93/94 I got a weeks jolly home to workington, supposedly to help with subsutance claims, (which the nice SO on board had already sorted) of a O/P Boat on its Decomissioning Tour. Got some nice phots of her leaving the dock flying the pennant, but can't for the life of me remember her name, any of you sun dodgers help a poor GS type rating put a name to the Phots
Had a think about my psot above, 2 things spring to mind, she was the last of her type in commision, and it has to be before May 93 - any help with the name would be appreciated


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Oberon Class. Pennant number S19. Built by Cammell Laird, Birkenhead. Laid down 21 December 1961. Launched 23 May 1963. Commissioned 5 June 1964. The first submarine to be fitted with one man steering. In March 1965 went the farthest North of any conventional submarine, surfacing in the Arctic pack ice. Lt Cdr W.L.Owen was in command at the time. Paid off September 1993. Last of class to pay off. This marked the end of 90 years of continuous submarine operations from HMS Dolphin.
Cheers Janner - She had a good bunch of lads onbaord, a few of them took pity on this poor GS rating and took me for a drink - in my old mans pub!!!
re:-one man steering , try Scotsman in the very early 60s. I know cos i was on it.where else do you think they tried it out .Solent was its sister/come charging boat.
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