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Which armed force are you serving/served in?

As a nurse, to be a nurse :)

Kettle calling pot there Sumo ;) (and it was a genuine query but now I know the answer, fair game on the other threads :) )

Wrecker I have no idea what you mean, there again her indoors is or was a nurse but you had better take them thoughts to anther forum before posting them???? And did you get a look at SGP in drag above; he really should take his meds
Surely a pre-EBD POMEM(L) would be a POOEL? (I was an LOEM morphed to LMEM(L) thanks to EBD so just asking)

Wrecker that about sums it up
OEM =WEM(O) or Clanky L

I liked their other cockup with

POBYPOART = PO tiff on coarse at Colling grad
CART = Chief Art
And FART they quickly became WO
I was a scale B POEM at the introduction of EBD which meant we were excused clanky stuff no watch keeping so although i was a POMEM (L) we were catorgarised pre EBD
I started as a CEM then LCEM, LWEM(O), PO Mechanician, PO Artificer (spits!) :cussing: CPOWEA.
Took me 22 yrs tho !!!!! :pirat::eek:ccasion5::frustrated:
RN. Served in targets for a couple of years then diesel boats until DBP in '72. Joined the TA REME in '75, left in 1988. So there's two numbers I'll remember until I croak...

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