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Which armed force are you serving/served in?


Deleted 7

Welcome to the Qtr Deck, I'd like to say thank you to the CO's for getting this site up and running for us Sea going types :lol:

To get the ball rolling, which armed forces are you serving or served in UK/US/french/German/Irish/Canadian, well you get the gist of it :D

I'm ex RN, left at the rank of a mere OM(UW)1 and was a Guz rating (Plymouth). I served on HMS Campbeltown, Montrose and Norfolk and I can say all were good times :p (When I can remember them!)


RNR pre fleet Lieutenant (AW), based at DALRIADA in Greenock.

Last years ORT in GRAFTON. (Belfast was good but Crete would have been better!)

In real life I'm a MN Deck Officer


Mixed bag here. Started as a blue Wren (pre sea liability), left, joined RNR and then txd back as E(IS).

Have fitted in mobilisation, FTRS, 2 FB and will deploy land based in the summer.

'Tween times, I got a family, divorce and some education


RAMC MO att'd to RM, working on the south coast at present. Probably quite a rare type and one of the only green-jobs working down here in my job!


I'm AAC for my sins, currently on a ground tour but pre flying days spent a lot of time with RM down at Plymouth and during 4 Norway stints. Most of the guys (and gals) I work with at the moment are RN/RM.

My greatest achievement to date was winning the competition to name this site, a close second was the birth of my daughter (it would have been first but I haven't seen the DNA results yet).


TA infantry at the mo. Not very maritime of me I know! But going dark-blue full-time soon (hopefully!) so hey-ho!


War Hero
Hello i am now in the army and an arrse regular . My Navy service started at Raliegh in may 88 , Went to Dryad as a J/S(EW) joined HMS NOTTINGHAM for 18 months ,then went to the Submarine service as a T.S.
first boat HM/SM REPULSE(port) did a few trips on T-boats before being drafted to DEFIENCE at Nuc repair and left the Navy in 94 as an acting L/S .Now i am in a recce regiment and have been for 9 years .


Morning all, ex-army and have my AIB on tuesday next week for the RNR so I might be back on all happy-happy-joy-joy next week...

Or I might not!


Lantern Swinger
RNR & an Able Seaman, GSSR since 2002/3. I'm still considering officer stuff & may go for that in the future. At the moment I've just finished university. Now I'm taking a gap year & want to travel & see the world, what better way than the RNR? It'll probably be a little harder to do that when I get stuck in a full time career.


15 yrs RN - 7 as a pinkie, 8 as a CT (yeah yeah, I know...)
Currently RAF and luvving it.

Big BZs for the guys who got this thing off the ground.


RN, joined when Pontius Pilot was still only and Air Cadet :) and still serving.

Great idea for a Senior WebSite BZ


Lantern Swinger
Army, British first and now just starting with the Australians. Followed the link from the Arrse site.

Good luck to the new site, nice to see the Andrew with their own version of Arrse!

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