which aircraft?


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...training. Whilst there will i be giving the aircraft i'll be working on or will that be decided after the training. Sorry of its already been asked!
You will go where drafty wants you. You can put in a preference. When I was a sea Harrier instructor I had no students for 8 months as drafty was sending everyone to merlins at culdrose!

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Please dont let it be me. Got my heart set on either one of th lynxs. Will we get the option to ask for f35, even though we wont have them until 2018?
I once got a pier head jump to Tracey Island and worked in the Commcen there. I believe that the Woos specialised on Thunderbirds,
and they seemed to enjoy it. Is the place still going then?


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i don't mind what i get to be honest, they all excite me. They day i knew i wanted to work with aircraft i was about 14 at annual camp with the army cadets. On the parade ground they had an old westland wessex, i just felt like taking the thing apart.
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