Which 5 "celebrities" would you smack in the face!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. brazenhussy

    brazenhussy Supporters - GCM

    Not condoning violence- but if you had the chance- how would be on your "hit list"?!!!! and WHY??!! :threaten:
  2. Lamri

    Lamri New member

  3. brazenhussy

    brazenhussy Supporters - GCM

    and your reason babe???--

    apart from they play for sh1t teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Noel Edmonds....
    Noel Edmonds....
    Noel Edmonds....
    Noel Edmonds....
    Noel Edmonds....

    Oh...forgot, used to get paid to do that, talk about job satisfaction......they were the days... :dwarf:
  5. Kelborn

    Kelborn New member

    Jade Goodey
    Kate Moss
    Amy Winehouse
    Pete Doherty
    Gordon Brown
  6. stirling2

    stirling2 Banned

    Russell Brand
    Billy Connoly
    Richard Hammond ( smug little twat )
    Darcus Howe
    Marcus Brigstocke

    ....loads more but these are on my '' to do '' list
  7. ollie123

    ollie123 New member

    All females in the McQueen family - in the soap hollyoaks.

    Obviously I wouldn't hit them - I would shoot them with a tazer.,
  8. brazenhussy

    brazenhussy Supporters - GCM

    mine are;

    Jodie Marsh--- because--- well just because!
    Tony Blair- for cocking up the UK
    Gordon Brown- see above!
    Lisa Scott Lee- should have given up like the rest of Steps!!
    Jade Goody- again just because!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    Well, because Ronaldo has been forgiven FAR too quickly for his antics causing an England Player to be sent off. Also I want to know WHY he can STOP his penalty run up twice until he sees the goalkeeper make a move to one side or the other BEFORE going the other way, and then act like he's the best. He also goes down at the drop of a fekcing hat, which I hate with a passion.

    Rooney - I want to know WHY this fekcing throwback can spend an entire game swearing and threatening the officials in a match without so much as a fekcing warning, whilst blatantly playing so far outside the confines of "fair play" himself that he hasn't a clue what they look like!

    Fekcing dross, the pair of them.
    They both need a damn good slamming in my car door a few dozen times.
  10. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    Out of all those mate, none of them are celebrities!!
  11. brazenhussy

    brazenhussy Supporters - GCM

    if you read the Sun they are!!!! :thumright:
  12. NotmeChief

    NotmeChief Banned

    I would go for Gordon Brown, but he doesn't come under the 'celebrity' label, he comes under the 'wanker' label.

    But I will say him anyway - reason, if you don't know then you will never know.
  13. Lingyai

    Lingyai New member

    1 Gordon Ramsay cos he's a gobby shite who would get his hand put in the deep fat fryer if he talked to me like that.
    2 Oprah Winfrey cos she is a sanctimonious beaaach.
    3 Graham Norton cos he is an annoying sleazy little homo corrupting the youth of today with his vile tv filth.
    4 That dick Nick Griffen from the BNP who thinks he is all that flanked by his racist bonehead bodyguards.
    5 George Bush cos the stumpy little twat actually believed that he had the moral high ground over Saddam
  14. 4to8

    4to8 New member

    Jonathan effing Woss
    Natasha Kiplinsky
    Missis Clinton
    Missis Clinton
    Any member of the Labour party
  15. Edward_Teach

    Edward_Teach Midshipman

    Wossey (£19 million) Why????????
    Dawn French
    Fernando Alonso (for being a dcik)
    Tom Cruise
    Jean-Claude Van Damme...he dont scare me!! probably hit me back though..so would have to be a good 1st hit. :withstupid:
  16. brendan498

    brendan498 War Hero

    Lord west of solent his wife and three sons
  17. dondon

    dondon New member

    Tony Blair
    Gordon Brown
    Peter Mandelson
    Harriet Harmen
    Neil Kinnock
  18. johne

    johne War Hero

    Micheal Barrymore. What a nobber. :tp:
  19. chockhead819

    chockhead819 War Hero

    Davina McCall
    Alan Shearer
    Paul Burrell
    Des Browne
    Gordon Brown

    Tony Blair as sub
  20. Ricochet

    Ricochet New member

    Pete Doherty, all 5 times. Everyone knows why. If we all clubbed in, just imagine it!

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