whetting the babies head

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by joesoap, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone shed some light on this?
    If you have a baby born to you :lol: while serving are there any mess rules on what to do. ie ring the bell for example
  2. Mess rules will vary from mess to mess. But it is the "done thing".
  3. Apparently now that we are in the days of modern technology, the rule is also extended to fellow members of Naval Forums too,,

    Make mine a pint of Nigerian lager !!!
  4. Thanx for that Mad Dog. If your ever this side of the oggin I might just stand you that Nigerian lager. For now J Smiths and a packet of pork scratchin's do?
  5. That very same baby has arrived, is a girl and is called Leah :lol: Im off to ring some bells
  6. Ding-Dong,,,

    Congrats on the sprog!

    Keep smiling!
  7. Now that's dedication, announcing it on Rum Ration first. How come you're sober enough to type? You realise there's going to be no trouble working out who you are now!
  8. Congratulations, Hope you're in the same RU as me, i'll look forward to the drink!

    (As this is naval site it is worth pointing out that girls are more of a worry than boys.. With boys you only have one dick to worry about....with girls you have millions.)
  9. GCYZ check your PMs
  10. Good correct usage of "whetting" rather than "wetting" - BZ from one pedant to another. And congrats on the bebby....

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