Where's Maggie Thatcher when we need her?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Ok, I was very young when she was in power, but don't tell me she didn't have balls.
    Known as the Iron Lady from the Russians. On equal terms with Bush, not like lap dog B-Liar ( and we all know what the B means)
    Stood up against Europe, over the rebate etc. Falklands war. Trade Unions. Coal miners etc
    Ok she did not get everything right, but did she ***** foot around?
    Did she hell?
    Do you think Britain would be so PC if she was in charge.
    Do you think Muslims would be making so many demands.
    Would immigration be as high as it is now.
  2. Have to agree with yer, best Prime Minister this country has had in my lifetime.

    Heseltine and Co. have a lot to answer for!
  3. I agree with you 100% she is a amazing Lady.
  4. Cometh the hour cometh the man (or woman ) . We are obviously not deep enough in the shit for a true leader to emerge yet ( sorkels hava only been issued to 35 % og the population ). Yet hope springs eternal and I so I wait for that day
  5. Why do pollies insist on fighting for the middle ground when the best views are from the high ground ?
  6. Maggie was great for the first two terms, then like Blair power went to her head. She was deposed and not before time. The Falklands conflict should never have occurred. She let it escalate for the simple reason that she needed the country to get behind. A war always bonds the population. luckily for her it was a short conflict and the public stayed with her. If it had become a long drawn out conflict like Iraq then she would have lost public support.
  7. She did a good job for many years but by the time she got the heave she had passed her sell by date. I think that there should be a limit on the time any polly can hold high office continuously, the strain seems to make them all go 'off'. From wholly unscientific observation over the last half century about 6 years seems to be the max, any more than that and they seem to lose touch with reality and both their party and the electorate
  8. Just off to make the appointment with a trick cyclist Peter, seems I am in agreement with you on this one. :oops:
  9. How about inviting Carol to No 10.
    geoff(ers) :?
  11. I agree that there should be a limit on the amount of time a PM is able to serve, I just think in light of and with hindsight, even in her twilight years of power she had more backbone and integrity than her replacement (Major) and this dosser we unfortunately have in power now.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm waiting for Fink to express his admiration for Her, won't be holding my breath though!
  13. PM ?
    Oh no no no, it should be the whole lot!
    And why are we still given Ministers that have no knowledge in the field that they are minister for? They absolutely DO NOT listen to their experts at all, yet make decisions that effect lots of people. IMO All MPs should have to take some kind of training or exam in the subject, that would put a stop to random cabinet reshuffles etc .
  14. Perhaps we should make it a joint one, this has been happening too much recently. 8O

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