Where's everyone from?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by thereverend, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. Where all you newbies from then? Which AFCO have you applied from?

    I'm from Hull and I used my local AFCO here in Hull.

    What fun eh. Who's next?
  2. Nosy cnut. :)
  3. I'd deny it if it wasn't true
  4. Hey reverend......

    Matty boy here is from all over but spent uni and masters in liverpool where i now work...gotta pay bills somehow....

    As for AFCO...i applied at the James Street, Liverpool Branch...had RT yesterday and passed...its a start i guess :wink:
  5. Im from a small town in Somerset, 30 miles south of Bristol.

    I used the Taunton AFCO.
  6. Jolly good, this is nice and sociable eh :p

    What you going in as lads? Any particular reason as to why you joined the Navy?
  7. Manchester, Manchester AFCO.
  8. :lol:

    Glasgow, Glasgow AFCO, ET(ME)
  9. Long story short...

    Its what I have always wanted, but 3 years ago I was 24 stone therefore I was too much of a fat cnut to join.

    With a lot of hard work I've shed 8 stone, am as fit as fcuk so have cracked on, applied and am nearly there.

    Sick to death of my shitty office job.

    The End....

    Im realeasing my memoirs soon. :lol: :lol:
  10. Co Durham
  11. holywell n.wales wrexham afco

  12. From Bridlington and also use Hull AFCO
  13. liverpool, liverpool AFCO
  14. Swansea, Swansea AFCO

    Swansea born
    Swansea bred
    When I die I'll be Swansea dead :D
  15. Born in England, raised all over(dad a squaddie) living in Motherwell now and used Glasgow AFCO
  16. Cornwall, Plymouth AFCO.
  17. Nottingham, Nottingham AFCO
  18. Leeds, Leeds AFCO, Comms Tech or AET undecided
  19. Plymouth..................Plymouth AFCO :lol:
  20. I was living in sin, and was grabbed by the Pompey press gang.

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