Where's everyone from?

Where all you newbies from then? Which AFCO have you applied from?

I'm from Hull and I used my local AFCO here in Hull.

What fun eh. Who's next?
Hey reverend......

Matty boy here is from all over but spent uni and masters in liverpool where i now work...gotta pay bills somehow....

As for AFCO...i applied at the James Street, Liverpool Branch...had RT yesterday and passed...its a start i guess :wink:
Long story short...

Its what I have always wanted, but 3 years ago I was 24 stone therefore I was too much of a fat cnut to join.

With a lot of hard work I've shed 8 stone, am as fit as fcuk so have cracked on, applied and am nearly there.

Sick to death of my shitty office job.

The End....

Im realeasing my memoirs soon. :lol: :lol:
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