Where's all the training gone?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Sooty, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Is it me or does there seem to have been a down turn in training weekends?

    Also the lack of posts on here could suggest the same ie - Nothing to talk/bitch/complain/brag/cry about?

    As for ORT opportunities please dont get me started, i know its early but i havent a clue where my next bounty is coming from.
  2. negative on the weekend training mate. Loads of oppertunities down here. Branch training, regional weekends, range days, oh and I'm starting to get invovled in training the new entry's on thier weekends. As for ORT join the loggies.....we do loads of stuff, have loads of stuff available :lol: I think there are more 2 week deployments coming online for the GSSR (force protection) but if that's your bag... you need to push for it. Oh and your ORT should be sorted by at least the Jan before the training year its booked for when your PTP is first completed and signed off on.
    I'm fairly sure one of my collegues in green will correct me on that :D

  3. I'd say there are almost too many not too few weekends. On top of the specialisation and AT weekends we now have the regional weekends, WUAs, CLM etc. etc. The problem is picking which ones to go on.
  4. I have done 5 days ORT already this year need to do another week and carry on doing as much as I can at weekends.
  5. A question asked recently in our unit;

    Could all those who have not sorted their 2 weeks ORT please raise their hands. When 99% of the unit raised their hands i think they realised that opportunities were not filtering through as they anticipated!

    Can someone please tell me about some of the weekends that they know are available because i honestly can't see any. I'm guessing that they are not the midland region?
  6. Sounds to me like you have regional issues....in the south west region we have weekend training coming out of our ears so I dont think its and RNR wide problem!!

    Time to take it through the Division system so that it gets filtered to your regional SO1
  7. I concur WM, so much choice, not sure what to do....

    seriously tho, this should really be fed up the chain if some regions haven't managed to get ther shit together yet.
  8. Last i knew was we were trying to piggy back on one of the Northern regions weekends.

    They were all for it, unfortunately our unit weren't so keen.

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