Where would you go?

Reservist-Monkey said:
If the RNR doesn't maintain critical mass, what service, if any would you go to?


Sorry, but where the F**k is all this talk of 'Critical Mass' Coming from? The RMR have only 1000 after all! And they are situated at 18 Locations!


Lantern Swinger
I aint going noware. I is in with the bricks, not quite a barrack stanchion but old enough. We need to be good to be needed. Lets stop bitching and work on our professionalism.


fleetchief said:
i think we could be talking ourselves out of a job here, so, if any Sea Lords are reading this , i'm going nowhere.
ich dien. :twisted:
totally agree ! ich dien ? Royal Scots motto - i serve - you another jockinese fleet ? :lol:

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