Where will you be in ......................


War Hero
10 years time ?

Seen this on another forum and it got some really cool replies so thought I would start it here !

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ? Do you think likfe will have changed much for you ? What will you be doing ( and who :p ) .. etc etc
Well, I won't be in the RN anymore and hopefully not in the area in which I'm currently living (ie Portsmouth/Gosport area).

I'll probably have greyer hair (if any).


Lantern Swinger
Just finishing my 2OE, looking at moving to some south pacific island where fat b**tards are king............
Depends on what the pusser offers me in way of extensions to service. Otherwise I'll be 6 years into a pension, no idea what I'll be doing. Greyer hair, working as a civil servant probably!


Lantern Swinger
Probally will still be a civil servent but hopefully not in north dorset, Im hoping to be in south dorset, but most important of all for me with a new knee :grin: (but I wont hold me breath)
Retired hopefully :smile: but it all depends on whether the next government(s), local and national, decide to not feather their nests so much and drain my meagre pension (counted as unearned income in the eyes of the taxman :evil: ).

We shall see......
ex_wasp_L2 said:
Probally will still be a civil servent but hopefully not in north dorset, Im hoping to be in south dorset, but most important of all for me with a new knee :grin: (but I wont hold me breath)
Where are you based, ex_wasp_L2?
I'll still be wading through this morning shitograms - sorry sir - i mean the all important emails that i am sent everyday by the nighttime pixies with 16 hours to kill by sending me drivel from on high.


there comes another one -
Flitting between Thailand and UK, stronger than I was in my twenties and a lot richer...(all being well) :cool: Oh yeah, there better not be any damn sprogs in my future either, that will fcuk it right up :twisted:


War Hero
I don't know, but suspect it won't be too far away from a handy crematorium. The Pusser doesn't like people who draw their pension for more than 32 years.



War Hero
Well after retirement age of course, but rich and living on some remote desert island being fed copious amonts of rum by fair maidens...yeah, right! :grin: :grin:


War Hero
I should have just finished travelling the entire inland waterway system of the UK having finished work for 4 years and surviving on 2 Senior Rates pensions and some investments. We will be planning our European inland waterway adventure- that should take about 5 years- who knows what after that, we may have to settle down as I will by then be a decrepid old man of 56, my wife's somewhat younger mind you, so who knows? Ocean adventure?


War Hero
Probably trying out the latest Zimmer frame or one of those electric carts.
I've just hit 61, my mother died at 60, and the old fella at 67 ? But I aren't going until I've spent all my money :wink:
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