Where/when have met other matelots in odd places.

I was wondering if anyone had any dits on when they had bumped into other matelots around the world.

I was once flying back from Tenerife with the wife on a late flight when there was a small overheating problem on the flight deck and we had to do an emergency landing in Brest, France.
After being chased down the runway by the ambulances and fire engine we were evacuated from the plane and forced to sit in an empty terminal building for an hour or so until we could be moved to hotels for the night.
I got up for brekkie and took a short stroll around the town to have a look around, it was at this point I saw 3 guys crossing the road ahead of us and said to the other half how much they looked like 3 guys I know from Faslane, a bit odd but I thought nowt of it.
On return to the hotel we waited for the lift, as the door open half the tactical weapons department from Victorious stepped out, it turned out the boat was on a visit to the town and were all staying in the hotel.

I also have a oppo who took his family to Grand Canaria only to have his last ship turn up and fill all the pubs with old shipmates he had only just managed to get rid of.
Lots of my work mates in Derriford Hospital are ex forces , mostly Matelots , & I have collected from the wards & taking to theatres 5 peaple in the street I live in & transfered to the operating table , all but one still around ,

Drooling trawling unattractive unfunny homosexual irrelevance (for the three thousandth time).

The thread is about meeting other matelots in odd places. You can't, never having been one. So you are off topic on two counts, Gash Barge or not.

Another dit involving Victorious. Holidaying in Spain, I arranged a couple of fishing trips on the Ebro. Chatting to the guide he tells me of a bloke he knows that is ex Navy. Second trip ex RN fella turns up. He was an AB with me on Vic in 63-64.

Semper Strenuissima.
Had the Fife call into Mauritius just after I left her and cost me a fortune lashing the lads up to all the duty free bottles!! Yeah right!!
Had a great call round on board then, looked after my wife and kids grand!
dondon said:
Lots of my work mates in Derriford Hospital are ex forces , mostly Matelots , & I have collected from the wards & taking to theatres 5 peaple in the street I live in & transfered to the operating table , all but one still around ,
I have a lady friend works at Derriford Hospital - Very nice she is too :D
Whilst enroute to Thailand about 4 years ago, the flight was diverted to Colombo airport due to the approach of a typhoon (should of checked the weather, no wonder the holiday was so bloody cheap!). Anyway my plane was one of three stranded in this hellhole for 10 hours; I can hear those violins playing already. After blagin our way into the lounge area we took root at the bar. Sure enough, the bar acting as a magnet, it wasn’t long before our group was joined by two matelots (who had also blagged their way in) heading to the Far East. Small world!

Great site by the way.
On "A" Wing at Pentonville, and an ex Wren doing time, working in the officers mess at Holloway......................... 8) Oh and an ex PO at Winchester prison, but he was a Red Band. Incidentally, I knew them all :oops:


Lantern Swinger
My old man was in 1959-85, general service and boats (only reason I joined, no real choice!)....he was working in England with an ex 2 and a half who thought it was unbelievable the amount of people he bumped into around the London/Surrey area who he knew from his time in....they were travelling from Surrey to Scotland one weekend when this ex officer bet him several pints he wouldnt meet anyone he knew on the journey...they got to the BA lounge at Heathrow via British Rail the Underground and a busy Friday at check-in/security etc....His mate went to the bar feeling his bet was pretty secure asked for two pints, the barman tips them and then leans across the bar and says to him "that isnt Mac with you is it?"!!!!! turns out he was an ex POWAFU in the same PO'S mess on HERMES 20 years before!!!
Slightly of thread, but what the hell.

As I was taking my daughter to school this morning (Somerton) what should I see but a car with the registration plate of PU55ERS
And yes it was a blue car..... :lol:
Last year on holiday in Corfu in a quiet hotel in the middle of nowhere bumped into a chief stoker i served with on Vanguard and had been speaking to in the PLA office in Faslane three weeks before.
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