Where were you Sept 11 2001??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. Just watched a documentary about telephone and radio recordings of events up to during and after 9/11. I can vividly recall exactly where I was - ARK was doing sea trials in the SW Approaches I was on the GDP and Barty called me up from the Ops Room and said Stan get yourself down the mess to the TV cos some big shit was going down in the USA. I went down the Mess and watched the footage on the big screen TV something just went off in my head ,Tam my daughter was 11 years old and I just remember thinking fcuk the world has changed today and its a far less safer place than it was yesterday, how the fcuk did we allow this to happen and I doubt if things are ever going to get better in my lifetime. Dadda Bush and baby Bush have a lot to answer for before they are allowed thru the Pearly Gates.
  2. I was in the Ops Room of Culdrose Air Tower working when it happened. I thought some crazy yank couldn't fly until the second plane hit

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  3. I was sat in the living room watching the news. After that I was shamefully - riveted to the box most of the day!

    Disbelief is the only word I could use for that day.
  4. Tommo as an AW I hope you were looking for targets and not cross dressing to become a WAFOO
  5. In Cyprus cracking some acclimatization pump on route to Oman, I remember thinking "Thats any R&R bugger then".
  6. I was in primary school if I remember rightly. Must have been pretty early on, but my memory of that overall time of my life is fuzzy. I do, however, remember watching it on the TV, not really understanding it, apart from that something pretty bad had happened, and my dad trying to explain what had happened in 6 year old terms that evening.
  7. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    At Shrivenham (doing an MSc) and wondering why my link to the US had gone down [their version of telehouse was in NY]. Then followed hours of sombre TV watching..
  8. My only shore draft I had (that wasn't a course) I got to live RA and it was cheers easy. It was a random AW draft :)

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  9. Watching it unfold on the TV,in my French cottage in the Dordogne.
  10. Working at the seamanship school, Raleigh. My afternoon make a mend got cancelled. Threaders.
  11. Now there is a good Question!
    I was on Holiday in Cornwall - Gunwalloe to be precise, On that day Myself, Mrs KAT and the Father-in-law Had walked into Helston Via Loe Bar/Penrose estate. Upon arriving at the bottom of Coinagehall St we decided- having got thoroughly pissed off with one another- that we would split up. We agreed - well actually I decided - that we would meet at at eddy's on Menage Str at 4pm (it was about 1:30pm) So offs I toodle to the Blue anchor with the intention of having only a couple to slaik my thirst from a long walk. Anyhoo after 5 Spesh's - at least - and with only 15 mins to get to Eddy's - I stoats out of said hostelry, with a song on my lips and a fart in my pants, and staggers up to the pasty shop for that post -beer sustenance that beats a kebab any day of the week. Still with 10 mins before I have to meet Wifey- I passes the wee TV/HI-FI shop at the top of Coinagehall St to see Mrs and F-I-L watching a big TV in the window. I sneaked up behind them and started watching what I thought was a really good movie. Wondering how they did all that Spesh effects stuff - flying into buildings and all that I mean wow! Fortunately The Father in Law saw me and gave me the run down on what had happened.

    Talk about a sobering experience :frown:
  12. I was sitting at my desk in the Type 45 project office in Filton when the office joker (an ex Lt Cdr) came in and told us. We just laughed him off..... Then we spent the rest of the day crammed into the Board Room with everyone else watching the drama/disaster unfold on all the conference call flat screen TVs.
  13. Pompey Bomb Team. Straight into IEDD cover for a straight two weeks. I recall we kipped at Horsea that night.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Bizarrely, I was dressed in full fearnought at HMS Excellent on my third advanced firefighting course. On the Monday, believe it or not, a heat sensor had triggered an internal alarm & there we were, 80 matelots on various courses, in full firefighting rig, stood on the road outside waiting for the local area fire brigade to come and "save" us. Only in the mob, eh?

    On the day itself after coming through a first unit run, my mate Russ, ex-CMEM working for flagshit, said a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre. Just thought it was a light aircraft at first. Came out after the second run, strike two. Then it dawned.

    My only surprise after that was that some nugget didn't make us go to Action Stations and remain "closed-up" in AWD. But then, with hindsight, that would have involved someone making a concise decision. Not gonna happen.

    Even after those in charge had time to think about it, what did we do? Oh yeah, invade Iraq, top of Bush's "Things to do" list. If they'd used mine, we'd have gone to Tescos & got four tins of Boddies smoothflow instead.
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  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Turned to down below, came out of the space wondering why 2 deck was absolutely deserted. Wandered forward to the chief's mess to find it fuller than it is when free moose milk is on, everyone glued to the telly as events unfolded.
    Definitely the JFK moment of my generation.
  16. wal

    wal Badgeman

    At home with a broken leg from the Friday before. Sat there in disbelief as it unfolded on the television.
  17. I was a bit older, first year of secondary school, but I remember not really knowing what was going on. I had never heard of the Twin Towers until the 11th September. I was glued to the TV for ages but I cannot remember what was said at school the next day, I think there may have been a 'special assembly' or something. It wasn't until the invasion of Iraq in 2003 did I begin to really understand things more. Whenever I think of 9/11 stuff I wonder what I would have made of it if it had happened today when I am 22, when you're 11 the US and their issues seemed a million miles away!

    But yeah, as you said, a little hazy!
  18. When you're 5, you don't really have a concept of disaster. I don't think we had an assembly like that, but when 7/7 happened, we had a 'talk' about it in class (I was 9 then, so it was easier to understand the idea of it).
  19. Just got alongside in Cyprus that morning and was on the Flight Deck speaking to the wife on the mobile when she said I had better get to a TV as some idiot had just crashed a passenger aircraft into a NY office tower. Spent the rest of the day stuck in front of the my cabin TV as the harbour was in lock-down for the rest of day
  20. Yeah true, I didn't really understand what was going on either. 7/7 was a lot clearer.

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