Where were you on July 31 1970


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We had arrived back after many years in the sun. Bloody awful weather it was too.
What to do? My wife was/is a teacher so there was a job for her wherever.
Someone suggested becoming a Sub- Postmaster.
My wife is from Yorkshire; I am from Devon, so we settled on East Anglia.
A postmaster vacancy in a lovely Suffolk village was adveritised , I purchased and was apponted.
Being a village postmaster was an eye-opener for me. With three postmen a telephone kiosk and a Post Office delivery van to contend with it was interesting. Each paid well.
My wife applied for and was appointed to a local Headship . Having two girls, a State Girls Grammar School close by was important and there was one a couple of miles away
Bided my time until a suitable, short distance away, University post became vacant . Took that and retired.

Chris P

War Hero
VL, watching the procession with the last one mounted in a vintage RR hurse owned by a PO tiff through the living site.

Superpom I did experiece neaters on a couple of occasions of late tots at the guardoom after days out at the Yeovil Show with a crash wagon backing up the civvy firies, the young farmers had extended mighty civility to us with brown liquid all day, the duty chief shared the late 'tots' out equally and offered the water as an afterthought :oops::eek:. Nothing since or before can compare!!


CherryB far East - issuing the last to the messes...... :(
Cherry B hadn't got as far as the far east at that time. We were definitely still in the Indian Ocean heading east. I think we had done with Beira Patrol, and were headed to Gan, not sure.
Sorry about the repeat post. Got impatient waiting for the first one to appear.