Where was your best beer ever ?


Lantern Swinger
Where & what was the best beer you ever had ?

Mine was an ice cold Tiger served in a frosted glass in Raffles Hotel Singapore.


War Hero
The first one in the G&D in gosport after the Glopheads course at Haslar.it was Oranjeboom as i remember!


Lantern Swinger
Amazing, I'm just getting my gums round a can of Oranjeboom now. It's on offer at my local "offie"
Cold bottle of Singha and a big cuban cigar on a floating raft resort on the river Kwai, that's livin' alright.
Extraction off coast in Iraq by RM craft who had a supply of cold Fosters, given to them by Ozzy landing craft (allegedly!)

Could have been piss for all we cared, tasted like nectar from God.
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