Where was the oddest place you ever got lucky?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rodgersthecabinboy, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Well, mine was a good few years back on the top upper weather deck of the Oriana, one warm dark night in mid Atlantic.
    This was no Now Voyager scene. Dont ask for the stars,when we have the moon bullshite.There was me waiting on the green light, when this little lady just comes straight out with the words that I will take to the grave.
    "If it helps, I have no knickers on".!!boom, boom, fantastic.
    I can never look at those P&O adverts now without a smile or is it a smirk coming on.
    Still I think the skipper had it all on cctv and sold the video to the crew, as I was being offered extre large portions in the dinning room for the rest of the voyage, you just can't trust those yellow funnel cnuts, anything to make a few bob.
  2. On top of the Dumpling, Gartocharn.
  3. Burnt Island Edinburgh, 10 mins from first hello 1976.
    Could never pass the Red navigation light without smiling on subsequent visits.
  4. Yer mum's room.
  5. The diving store on Exmouth in Kirkwall - and the Weapons Mech and his grommet never said a word.
  6. Ski resort in Sweden in the disabled toliets. It was the only place where it was quite.
  7. A back alley in Venice with a random american tourist overwhelmed by the passion of the city (stinking shit hole that it is). On the same trip I was sucked-off by a history of art student round the back of a Gustav Klimt exhibition.

    To be fair though I am probably a great deal more handsome than you lot :D
  8. And it saved dragging her paralysed lower half up the stairs to use your bog aswell
  9. Beach outside Jo's in Pompey on the day we de-commisioned or has everybody done that?
  10. Cool room, (fruit & veg), on a type 12, with a female police type, whilst anchored off Rothesay.
    Also, wheelhouse, on a Leander, in Port Elizabeth, whilst hubbie was being entertained by messmates.


    PS I was, on both occasions, "showing her round the ship". :D 8O :roll:
  11. Reading this thread makes me realise that Jolly Jack must be one of the last great romantics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The water storage tank room on the roof of a factory. I've never seen so many spiders.
  13. With a Jenny, against the wall of a house facing the Guard hut of Whale Island, prob my first knee trembler ... she told me later that the binocs had been in use by the sentries at the time ..... I think it was a while before I attended any dances again in the Whaley club .....:oops:
  14. An Army Sgts estranged missus whilst he was asleep downstairs when I was a mere RO1. Cheers Percy.
  15. Store room of a mental hospital 8O

    She must have been an asylum seeker. :lol:
  16. the priory glasgow
    nuff said
  17. In the Port Olympus Gas Turbine Module of TYPE 22 during SOTV in Swansea.
  18. Sheep don't count! :lol:
  19. dark lane in dorset wher they filmed tenko
  20. Seems to me that she found it.

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