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Discussion in 'History' started by OldSparker, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Being the silly old sod I am I was rememberring good times past and recall several Banyans on a glorious tropical beach in the Far East. I think the name of the place was Paula Tioman and again I think it was an island/beach off either Malaysia or Indonesia. I've looked at the Times Atlas and simply cannot find it so I suspect the spelling is incorrect. My ship at the time was HMS EURYALUS and it would have been in the early 70's. Anyone shed any light on the proper spelling or location?
  2. You are Correct , the other island was Langkawi, :wink: :wink: (Malaysia)
  3. I love the Tioman Islands :D Spent a bit time in that area
  4. Thank you to Soleil and Tommo; much appreciated!
  5. Thanks also to Scouse.....
  6. You was with us Devonshire, we went to langkawi when you got the best run, spoilt b*ggers :D :D
  7. Did similar when I was on the good old Albion in the 70's.

    I remember Steve C and myself throwing a snake between poles on a deserted sandy beach. To be shouted at by a bootie sgt. "Do you know that snake is poisonous?" At which point we dropped the snake and made a run for it.

    Ah yes, fond memories. That was off Paula Tioman.
  8. Typical matelot cant even play snakes and ladders without upsettin the booties :D :D :oops:
  9. Anchored off when I was in the Hong Kong Squadron. Whilst the troops were ashore on the beach the wardroom invited the staff of the posh hotel to a do onboard. Much to the delight of myself as bowman and the bootie LC driving the boat to pick the visitors we discovered that they had sent 3 brownhatters and no females!!!! Much mirth for the ratings. My old fella spent loads of time there in the Far East Fleet in the early '60s when it was banyan central. He still swears if you dig down a foot the entire beach area would consist of rusting empty ale tins.
  10. Sounds like { Not sure of spelling] Pourto Tairmo. Or something very similar. Had a ban yan there back yonder.
  11. As the canteen boat we had our banyan on the Isle of Wight :cry:

    Even worse once had one on Burnt Island Edinburgh whilst on MCM's :roll:

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