Where to get new uniform items?

I can’t get a clear answer from anyone at work so thought I’d try here.

If we need new uniform because of size or it just needs renewing. Where do I get that from?


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Well you got your first set from slops (naval stores) have you thought of going to your nearest and talking to them?
I never got my first set at naval stores. Also, I don’t seem to be able to find a list of locations. Assuming the only stores are atbases then a quick pop in to the nearest one is a 150 mile drive
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At least one of the naval clothing stores will supply by mail order, or did do a couple of years ago. Can't remember which one.

Where/when did you get your initial issue?


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The Portsmouth one I think will, but never tried it, always just popped in when down on course or visiting the mad house. Perhaps stick your head into HMS Calliope and have a friendly chat with the RNR, they might have a route you could use!


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There was a time when Nelson Slops did ‘mail order’.

The ‘tailors’ advertising their wears
(see what I did there?) in the nautical press do mail order. Call them. Cheap and nasty.
When I was in, all RNR Divisions had slops. I had my first issue at President and picked up a few extras (cash clothing) from there, got more/replacement bits from wherever I happened to be (including Calliope) so checking with the RNR is a definite possibility. You can get No3 shirts from Cadet Direct (www.cadetdirect.com).