Where to find out blood type?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by Greenation, Sep 16, 2015.

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  1. Ok so this is one of the things the RFA require before I get a full offer...

    I tried to donate blood this evening but they determined that I reacted too badly to it. They also said that they won't be testing the small sample that I gave...and I can't try to donate again until well after this deadline the RFA gave me.

    My first port of call with this one was seeing my GP, but they couldn't help.

    Are they any other ways to get your blood type? Maybe private healthcare firms?
  2. Not sure where in the country your based.
    Below is a link to a private medical centre in Glasgow, that will tell you your blood type for £20. Pretty sure there will be doctors in other parts of the UK that offer a similar service
    Perhaps your best bet would be to check the list of MCA approved doctors and contact one local to yourself. They could possibly arrange the test for a small fee
  3. Your local hospital might be able to help too, for a fee.

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  4. If all else fails elsewhere, you can request it from a private gp practice, the RFA refunds you for the cost as long as you keep the receipt. I waited 5 weeks to get my donor card after donating so privately is probably your best bet, unless your hospital can do it instead.
  5. Having the same problem here Greenation. I'm back to see the nurse at my GP within the hour for more vaccinations and last time she didn't have a clue how to go about the blood type thing but, said she'd try and find out for me. Hopefully she will have answers today though. I'll let you know if I find anything out. I just tried to ring occupational health but, it just went to answer phone.
  6. That's better than I'm doing I suppose. My GP wouldn't help with the vaccinations at all, lol.
  7. The only free way of getting a blood group done is by donating blood - however as pointed out if you can't donate (for whatever reason) they can't get a group from the small sample you give as that's only just enough for seeing what your Haemaglobin level is.

    So its either your GP who will charge you for it as a "private" test but it will cost you in the region of £25.

    The other option is to contact someone like Blue Horizon Medical (other private firms are available) who can organise it through a local spire / nuffield hospital but this could be a tad more expensive.

    Hope this helps

    PS I work in Blood Transfusion
  8. Just been to see the nurse for vaccinations and she is still none the wiser as regards to finding out what my blood group is and she emailed the GP who also doesn't know how to go about it either. Also, I was due to get my first MMR vaccine but, the nurse wouldn't give me this as I had the yellow fever jab around two weeks ago and apparently, if you need 'live' vaccines (like the yellow fever and MMR are) you should have them at the same time and if not, a four week break should be observed. So, I need that and then another four week break for the second MMR jab. She gave me the Typhoid needle (so up to now I've had Typhoid, Hep A, Tetanus, Diptheria, Polio and yellow fever) and she doesn't know how to charge for the Meningitis C one. I had the TB one years ago but, this isn't on my medical records nor do I have a scar but, I am over 35 so, I believe I don't have to get it again (or that's how I interpret the literature).

    The nurse also said her son needs to find out his blood type to join the Police but, he's in the same boat as us with not knowing how to.
  9. H, speak to Recruitment to confirm about the TB one. You don't want any last minute hiccups because they want documentary evidence of having it done after all.
    As far as blood type goes, I don't know why the doc and nurse are at a loss. You can buy your own blood type testing kit from Amazon. This will be no good for you of course, because it's not official, but they should be able to point you in the right direction at least.
    If all else fails, either ask Recruitment or the RFA occupational health office to send you a list of places that can do it. It'll cost, but the RFA are willing to pay for it.
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  10. I had massive dramas with vaccinations from my GP apparently they will vaccinate for jollies but not employment? I ended up going private for all of them, Boots chemist were a nightmare as they wanted itineraries, so ended up in superdrug who were more than happy to oblige. The only one I had to go private GP for was Meningitis! Cost £300 in total but was fully refunded as mentioned.
    Word of warning if you have them all in one sitting, (as mentioned have to wait a few weeks after yellow fever) be prepared to feel a bit rough!
    Hope this helps
  11. I was rough after yellow fever to be honest (muscle aches and head aches). I have emailed recruitment who haven't got back to me and tried to ring occupational health (the lady is off until Monday) so no answers yet as regards BCG.
  12. I didn't need the TB vaccination while at school (positive skin test) but had to get the TB vac for the RFA anyway.

    After initially calling the GP and NHS travel clinic, I quickly realised that the process was going to be a long drawn out saga and I wanted my offer concrete asap.

    Went private, got everything on the list within 10 days. Sorted.

    Edit: Should perhaps mention that I used Emcare Travel Clinic incase anyone from Central Scotland is looking for a recommendation.
  13. Think I've found somewhere that does blood group testing and they are based nationwide so they may have a hospital close to you. Spire Healthcare. I'm waiting for a call back regarding pricing and getting an appointment so, I'll make another post when I know.
  14. See #7!
  15. Cheers mg maniac. I only just realised you mentioned spire but, I'd not heard of them until my sister recommended them before.
  16. Was just quoted £125 for a blood group test from Spire which I thought was a little steep to be honest. Apparently the Doctor is off the TV so maybe your paying for a signed photo too! Ended up phoning where I had my ENG1 done and thankfully they do it for £34. Result.
  17. I got my blood group test done with the same Dr at my ENG1 medical, it was £44 but that's the only way I could do it in time , just get a receipt and you can claim it back :)
  18. Just go to your nearest rugby club bar and shout "All rugby players are Homosexual"
    The hospital where you get your blood transfusion will let you know what blood type you required;)
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