Where to find AIB dates?

I've had a look around on the RN website and the forum, however I haven't been able to find out when they do the AIB.

Is it set periods for a year, or will you only find out part way through the application process?

Thanks for the help.
The AIB is run all the time except for leave periods (Easter, Summer, Christmas).

They usually start Mon, Tue and Wed with a total of 12 candidates for each one (3 boards, each of four candidates) depending on demand and the type of candidates, eg RM and in-service candidates will usually be grouped together, and sometimes aircrew.

You will be allocated a date after you apply.

Hope this helps. Ninja Stoker may have more details though.
Thanks it does.
So after applying if your ready there shouldn't be much of a wait?

(I'm asking as I'm joining from New Zealand, hence the sooner I can do it the better after getting into the country, I'll do all my preperation here in NZ where I can mooch of my parents and keep my job)


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Hi, yup TD is entirely correct, however you must understand there's only 4 intakes a year at BRNC & depending what score you get at AIB depends on when you join.

Those scoring higher than you, join first. Top tip: Research well in advance!

If you haven't already done so contact the Overseas desk at: LONDON AFCO & they should help you get everything clearly established before you fly over.

Good luck
Thanks guys.
Yep I'll give the London AFCO a buzz or email.

There has been a lot of talk about people waiting a long time between their AIB and going to BRNC, is this because they did their AIB at the most inopportune time (directly after one BRNC intake, making them wait 3 months before the next one) or because their is a lot of administartiony stuff that happens after you pass your AIB, so they haven't processed you in time to go to the AIB.

If your AIB mark is a pass, but not a very good one, will you be told that you probably wont be let in to BRNC? or will they leave you hanging?


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It's all down to the Training & Selection Officer (TSO) at AIB, who's a civilian. He gets the numbers required from Dartmouth and fills the lists with fit candidates. If there's a small number of officers required for a certain branch then you may wellget passed over in favour of stronger ones and will have to sit it out until the next entry. They will keep you hanging and won't tell you if you're getting in or not. Best policy IMHO is to keep your name fresh with AIB and the TSO.

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