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I need to make a claim/seek some advice and would like to know if anyone has any reccomendations for any companies that specialise or have MOD knowledge. I have a hurt certificate filled with various codes and need JSP 442 to untangle them.

Does anyone know where i can get a copy or online version of JSP 442 Accident reporting it has been superseded but i need to look something up.
sgtpepperband said:
Flynavy: JSP 442 (Accident Reporting System) has been superseded by the IRIS Manual (DII/F link only). Check your emails shortly for more information... :thumbleft:
You are indeed the fount of all wisdom, SgtP ............


Lantern Swinger
Joe_Crow said:
Are you trying to make a claim for an injury you have received whilst 'at work', and are you still in the mob?
just going to look into the procedure before actually making a claim and yes still in the mob, just!
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