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Where people are joining from?


Hi, i'm half way through my application now and was wondering where people are joining from? :p I live in Ireland but from Staffordshire and I think i'm going to be one of the only people from those areas joining :(


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Must admit, it wouldn't be something that kept me awake until 03:00 worrying about it.

As one who was positively delighted with the absence of the not-so-dulcet tones from my region, it would be interesting to hear why the lack of your six-fingered kindred would be seen as a disadvantage?


I'm joining from Grimsby, North Lincolnshire. I was surprised to learn at quite how many people actually are in the RN or RM from this area when I started the process. Joining up and meeting people from all over the world and working with them from all over the country is surely much more of an advantage than a disadvantage?


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The poorer and more disadvantaged the town/region, the better represented it is in the RN.

Crap places like Middlesbrough, Grimsby, Hull etc are very over represented in all three services.


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The poorer and more disadvantaged the town/region, the better represented it is in the RN.
Yep, the bulk of recruits tend to come from the places with higher than average unemployment to a degree, however Portsmouth & Plymouth AFCOs tend to be high up on the list of productive offices. We tend to recruit most from the North of England, but suprisingly less in Scotland.
The poorer and more disadvantaged the town/region, the better represented it is in the RN.

Crap places like Middlesbrough, Grimsby, Hull etc are very over represented in all three services.

When I was in the mob all Wrens/NAAFI girls seemed to be jocks, Gerordies or scousers!

I suppose those three areas all have the gobby gene?

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I'm currently half way through the recruitment process too, I'm from Northern Ireland. Can't wait to meet new people!


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Scotland has traditionally been more of a Regimental recruitment ground, but that is not to say we didn't have a significant representation in the various Corps as well. Some have even joined the other lot from time to time (due to rumours of hotels and being able to stay in one rather than work in it).


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That's surprised me about jockland, as there always seems to be at least one jock in every section/office/gulch in the RN.
Numerically there are comparatively few Scots recruited in proportion to the regional population, but one tends to readily notice the accent.


Aww I have a friend in Donegal (Letterkenny). I lived in Belfast for a few years but I'm from Tyrone. What stage are you at in the recruitment process?


Hi I'm originally from Lichfield, but now I live in Liskeard near Plymouth. I'm just about to sit my AIB (26-7th), really hope it goes well so I can get started. I'm also looking for like minded people going into my AIB to talk about it.

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