Where might Trident go?

Dr Nick Ritchie obviously doesn't know how to use wikipedia: D5s are not powered by "rocket fuel", they are solid propellant motors.

Prof William Walker also doesn't know what he's talking about - not a lot of "high explosive" in a D5 either.

But apart from that, a really well researched and accurate article....


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Hull. We could always put the warheads there. At the same time, after a short flight

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Well, if you have to dredge Pompey for QE, and it's far enough away from civilisation and it has Z berths - why not base port them in Pompey and the weapons over in Gosport. They're moaning about wanting jobs - how badly?


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They should stick them in Barrow. West Cumbria is already a radioactive shithole so the locals aren't gonna complain, they already have a submarine base there (of sorts) and the security facilities around the BAE yard are adequate as a base level to build on.

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