Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by kgladams, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. where do you think the best place for powerboating in RIB's portsmouth harbor or Hms Raeigh
  2. In what respect?
  3. Sat in the Cox'ns seat, just aft of the wheel is always a good place for me.
    But seriously, the lead School remains the SoS at Raleigh. Cadet courses are run there throughout the summer hols. I know JSASTC Hornet run PB1/2 courses, try their website for details.
  4. Sorry chaps, if you're URNU the best place for charging RIBs is the Gemini you hang off the back of your pea greens...
  5. in the water?

  6. I expect that there is a lot more water in Portsmouth Harbour than in Raleigh. Where in Raleigh are you thinking of? The swimming pool? :???: :???: :???:
  7. maybe the seaboat "pool" out the back of the parade ground?

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