Where is it likely that I will based?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by alexissonice, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. I'm joining as a WS. Where am I more likely to be based, Plymouth or Pompey?

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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Probably 60/40 Pompey/Guzz.

    No guarantee either way - could be Faslane too.
  3. 60/40...not bad odds. Hoping it's Pompey or Faslane ( as warped as that may sound to allot of you!) ...been a Devonian most of my life and desperate to get out and start fresh somewhere else!

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  4. Culdrose buffers party then! :)

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  5. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I am originally from Helensburgh. To stop the OP wondering, it is VERY near Faslamabad.

    I wanted to get away probably MUCH more than you! Guess where I kept getting sent?
  6. Being from Southampton and wanting Diesel Boats from Gosport/Pompey I got Nucs, Guzz and Faslavatory, Gosport apart from the last 5 years and courses only. Drafty is very perverse.
  7. Can you live anywhere else other than where you are based? Are you able to live on the base while you work and commute when you have leave? I been saving for a deposit on a house for ages and got it ready down to get on the ladder as soon as I'm in a position to (finished training etc) ...rent some of the rooms out and have a room for myself to come back to when I'm not working or at sea. The thought of buying a property in Plymouth is somewhat traumatic..or Pompey or Scotland for that matter cause I'd hate to be spending what free time I have there!. If I was (for the sake of argument) based in Guzz, if I bought a house in Bristol would it be possible to commute over weekends and stuff. Or Pompey ..buy a house elsewhere in Hampshire or nearer to London? Thoughts?

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  8. Yes....................
  9. It used to be within 20 miles of Base Port, ish to live off Base . W/E etc. fill your boots. One lad went ELWE (Thurs to Tues) To Australia ( had to go once every 2 years).
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  10. Was hoping to get Barrow again, no chance, for Unicorn
  11. Do a lot of Sailors live off base? Is that a common thing? As surely you have to pay some form of rent which is deducted from your wages for living quarters on land. It's dead money. At some point you'll want to invest in property. With that in mind, are the navy able to stipulate the radius to base/port where you can live and buy property? What's the official answer Ninja_Stoker? Of course, I won't moan or kick up a fuss if it is the case, not overly bothered by it...property is property wherever it is. It's an investment, just curious to know my options.
  12. This is just from my experience, i haven't joined up yet so someone else can give you a definitive answer; but i know people currently serving. Several of them have properties oop norf and stay in pompey during the week on board and if not on duty etc travel home for the weekend and when on leave. Also know 1 who lives with their parents nearby and only stays on ship when duty or watch etc, and another who rents a property with friends- again not far from the dockyard.
  13. Skimmers live onboard when in Port, Submariners live in Barracks and pay for the privilege (Possible short term let?) . When shore based the choice is up to you.
  14. As has been previously said, you can buy your own gaff in the area and go home every night if you so wish. You can also buy a gaff anywhere on the planet and go home weekends and on leave periods.

    The snag with buying somewhere out of area is that you'll be paying a mortgage, utility bills on the place as well as paying food and accom where your based (unless you're actually on a ship).

    Your call.
  15. So if your part of a ships company, is your accommodation free when your living + on duty while the ships alongside in its home port? Tennants will cover allot of the mortgage payments...which is ok as il need my pocket money for deployment frolics
  16. To repeat for the third time, if you live onboard a ship, it's free.
  17. So am I correct in saying that if you live on-board a ship...it's free? ;)
  18. By George, I think he's got it!
  19. Wait a minute...are you trying to tell me that if you live onboard, it's free?

    ..... ;)

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