Where is HMS Bristol going ?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Hermes_R12, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Anybody know where HMS Bristol is off (under tow) as suggested in the below link:-


    Last updated: Wednesday October 20, 2010


    HMS Edinburgh (out 0800, in 1600); HMS Hurworth (out 0830, in 1330); HMS Dauntless (out 1030); HMS Bristol (out under tow ttbc).

    This is news to me ?
  2. Royal Navy training ship HMS Bristol will depart from Portsmouth Naval Base on Wednesday (October 20) for maintenance work that will extend her life for at least another ten years.

    The ship serves as the accommodation and training ship for the Royal Navy and service-recognised youth organisations, such as the cadets. The work will update her safety systems to ensure she is able to fulfil the role for another decade.

    The work will be undertaken by A&P Group at their Tyneside facility in a contract worth around £4 million. Usually berthed off Whale Island in Portsmouth, HMS Bristol has been moved to Portsmouth Naval Base ready to be towed to the shipyard in Hebburn.

    Lieutenant Commander John Haynes, HMS Bristol’s Executive Officer, said: “I am very excited about the work package that will be carried out while the ship is away from Portsmouth. For over 16 years, HMS Bristol has played a pivotal role as the RN's Training Ship and National Cadet Accommodation Vessel. The planned maintenance programme is essential to update and improve the facilities onboard to take her forward into the next decade.â€

    HMS Bristol is the only static ship in the Royal Navy with 483 berths which makes her the ideal vessel to host training and provide additional accommodation for Royal Navy personnel when required. Hosting up to 17,000 visitors annually for 50 weeks a year, she is a well-used facility providing the closest thing to a sea-going experience without leaving port.

    She is used for a range of training roles including combat intruder training, teaching users to move around heavy machinery in the confines of her engine room. Medical trainees and chaplains gain ‘sea experience’ on board and Royal Navy divers practice diving beneath the hull in the waters around her.

    Work is due to be completed by next Spring.
  3. Thanks Sol that was quick.

    Glad to know she'l be back. do you know if there is a replacement planned while she is away?

    Your knowledge never fails to amaze me thank you. 8)
  4. A selection of younger ships will be available shortly!!
  5. Ark Royal is available
  6. Edited for accuracy.
  7. Ah fond memories of SPO training on the Bristol, I'm glad she'll be back.
  8. Cheers mucker.Bristol was my first ship when she was brand new so that makes me feel even older :lol:
  9. When? I joined her just after the fire! BRILLIANT ship. I had a great time on her. I was on 965/992.
  10. I joined her straight from training before she was commisioned early 73.
    My first draft.As I recall nothing much worked but it was all very clean!I only did about 18 months then went back to Sultan for AMC
  11. Wasn't it originally built as a presidential yacht for Nigeria or some such?
  12. No - You are thinking of HMS MERMAID: Originally the BLACK STAR but President Nkrumah of Ghana was overthrown, as they do, and the RN eventually 'won it' by default in 1972.

    HMS BRISTOL was the only type 82 to be built, the rest were chopped as a result of the 1966 Defence White Paper (Labour's Dennis Healey) which withdrew our presence from east of suez whilst cancelling the planned new carrier of that day, too
  13. Blackrat

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    It's good to see that someone has taste. Soleil is an Invaluable member of this site. If i had a small percentage of her patience, i would be much better off in life.

    Edited as BOOTWU was correct in his post below.
  14. BR Amendment:

    Delete 'valuable' Insert 'invaluable'.
  15. Blackrat

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    Apologies. You are quite right Bob.
  16. I think the Bristol (and class) were to be the replacement GMD's (London,Hampshie,Devondshire etc)
  17. True, but the idea was shelved as they proved too costly to run, enter type 42, don't remember Bristol being involved in the Falklands War, I think she turned up as first relief when the bullets stopped flying.
  18. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I seem to remember that when CVA01 aka HMS Queen Elizabeth was cancelled the Fourteenth Mr Wilson said there would be eight Type 82s instead (which would take Sea Dart to sea). In the end there was only HMS Bristol and the Type 42s came along later. The big catch with Bristol the Type 82 design was that it had no helicopter.

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