Where is he?

What has happened to BOOTWU not seen him onboard for some time, has he been sin-binned by the Ministerium für forum Staatssicherheit?

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I seem to remember him getting a little upset at the standards of the moderators(no names etc..) while claiming he had no ambition to be one himself. As is his right he withdrew to consider his options.


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Taking a wild guess, something about a book review.

I would have just said 'did you copy that you cunt?', but Bob's not as abrasive as me.


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He's not been banned.
If he was, it very often encourages people to bleat like ten.

Must admit I hadn't noticed his absence but then again the forum is much bigger than any one of us. I notice Higthepig regularly logs-in without making a comment for several years. The contibution he made was considerable at the time, but his lack of contribution of no consequence. Getting the hump on a forum is akin to pissing in the wind, frankly.
Haven't seen our heroic crime fighter around for a while either. This statement was not influenced by any mention of plagiarism or reference to poor moderation or the behaviour of moderators living or dead.
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