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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dondon, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Was just wondering if all you chap's had noticed the little title above your log in box [Where is everyone], log on it and a map pop's so you can put a balloon on the point where you live , well go ahead and do it , but can I suggest that you ZOOM the map in first , then do it , first time I tried I did'nt ZOOM in , and when I finaly did zoom it in a few day's later I found out I was actualy living in the middle of Plyouth Sound , well I've now got the balloon right above my house , GO ON DO IT , it's good to know where peaple are from , a few peaple have jumped in , same old peaple yet again , 12 hundred & something members , we should have at least a few hundred balloons up there , works right round the world , CLANKY your in the middle of Plymouth Sound as well , :roll: :twisted: :roll: or do you live on Drakes Island
  2. Thanks Dondon. I'd never noticed that before. Infact it took me a while to locate it! Nozzy.
  3. How ace is that!!??!! :eek: :D

    Not too sure about the persec aspects though :roll:
  4. Perhaps this is a feature recommended for old hands only, as the Persec issue is less of an issue for us - if the Spetznaz knock me off, Britain will be no worse off - infact it may well be better off! :lol:
  5. Hi Shakey , I would imagine that these day's with overseas call centres etc , every one who want's to know , do'es know , but I do take your point , just don't zoom in so much , :roll: before you plant your balloon, :roll:
  6. Just had a quick look at the map , zoom right out & most of the British Isle's are cover'ed , come on you peaple get in there , nice to see Good_Co , Jenny Dabber, BootneckYank,Flagwagger,Tobi51,& Lingyai have got there balloon's up there to cover some of the rest of the planet , I'm sure there must be load's more out there :twisted: :roll:
  7. just put mine up there,
    those google maps are quite good, I have got the full google earth and the pictures on that are cracking :D
  8. nice one donildinio must say that is very good, but not quite up to fort meade's standards though !!!!!!
  9. Thats me done too now
  10. mine's right over my house now, but as always it shows us as a suburb of bath when we are in fact our own little village!
  11. Clanky is no longer living in Plymouth Sound, well done that man , go to the top of the class sir """"""""""""

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