Where is everyone

Was just wondering if all you chap's had noticed the little title above your log in box [Where is everyone], log on it and a map pop's so you can put a balloon on the point where you live , well go ahead and do it , but can I suggest that you ZOOM the map in first , then do it , first time I tried I did'nt ZOOM in , and when I finaly did zoom it in a few day's later I found out I was actualy living in the middle of Plyouth Sound , well I've now got the balloon right above my house , GO ON DO IT , it's good to know where peaple are from , a few peaple have jumped in , same old peaple yet again , 12 hundred & something members , we should have at least a few hundred balloons up there , works right round the world , CLANKY your in the middle of Plymouth Sound as well , :roll: :twisted: :roll: or do you live on Drakes Island
Shakey said:
How ace is that!!??!! :eek: :D

Not too sure about the persec aspects though :roll:
Perhaps this is a feature recommended for old hands only, as the Persec issue is less of an issue for us - if the Spetznaz knock me off, Britain will be no worse off - infact it may well be better off! :lol:
Shakey said:
How ace is that!!??!! :eek: :D

Not too sure about the persec aspects though :roll:
Hi Shakey , I would imagine that these day's with overseas call centres etc , every one who want's to know , do'es know , but I do take your point , just don't zoom in so much , :roll: before you plant your balloon, :roll:
Just had a quick look at the map , zoom right out & most of the British Isle's are cover'ed , come on you peaple get in there , nice to see Good_Co , Jenny Dabber, BootneckYank,Flagwagger,Tobi51,& Lingyai have got there balloon's up there to cover some of the rest of the planet , I'm sure there must be load's more out there :twisted: :roll:


just put mine up there,
those google maps are quite good, I have got the full google earth and the pictures on that are cracking :D
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