Where is everyone!?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by capt-ahab, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. 916 members apparently

    Well where is everyone? Seems very quiet on here most of the time!

    It's like the Marie Celeste (kind of...)
  2. Agree with you Capn, being retired im on here quite often and with the amount of members,that have joined they do seem thin on the ground,its the same old names that keep it going,its still a good site ,there are hundreds of subjects to think about all of which someone will have a point of view,good or otherwise,so come along Jack dont be shy, the worst that can happen is having the piss taken out of you, and if youre not used to that,then you shouldnt have joined.
  3. Got to agree! Thought the introduction of the live chat was great but when ever I go in there the place is empty! I've heard my dits hundreds of times already, there must be someone I can inflict them on!!!
  4. I've heard your dits hundreds of times also, and they do NOT get any better. 8O :lol:
  5. Sorry Lads and Lasse's The better half and myself had to go down to Marbella for three days to drink and eat with flush friends.

    Sunny and mids 70'sF or 23C you you up to date people.

    Four hour drive on near empty motorways diesel 60p a litre.

    Life is hard for the retired ex-pat.

  6. 23 C ????? Sounds a bit cold to me shipmate :wink:
  7. the site chance lads ,just like itssister site "Once a marine " it started slow but now its buzzin........Dolly
  8. Sorry, Eater holidays over here and its 24 c, sun is out and the heat is very good!

    Had to go to the beach, oh and agia napa :wink:
  9. I have also noticed it seems to be the same names posting. with respect to the live chat I cant seem to get in from this computer (I have no idea why)
  10. 24 ??? Brrrrrrrrr best wrap up :lol:
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm signed into a couple of Forums (ex service type), the problem is always the same, a few people post but many more sit back and watch.
    At the moment there are 9 Members and 9 Guests looking in, come on guests, bite the bullet and join in, perhaps your efforts will make the site grow at a faster rate and help the dits come in thick and fast.
  12. Of course, if everybody just pops into the chat, see that no-one's there and leave, you'll never meet anybody.
    Open it and leave the window open. When someone else logs in it will make a noise to tell you.
  13. I, I'm sure like lots of others, havent got access to the internet through the week so have a quick look at the weekends and do a bit of catching up.
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its Monday today????? :lol:
  15. I belong to another forces site and its the same there, only a few post but many look.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hi BP did you bring Smudger with you, He'll never get here by himself :lol:
  17. Fu*k I, new there was something I fogot
  18. We seem to be turning into a race of internet voyeurs.

  19. Hi Black pig, wonder what one of your ships was with a name like that?
  20. Tis a long story but it started on H.M.S.Intrepid - First commision (1968 on)

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